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Debra Kay Creedy
Creedy, D.K.
Creedy, D.


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
130-Apr-2008Assessing midwives' breastfeeding knowledge: Properties of the Newborn Feeding Ability questionnaire and Breastfeeding Initiation Practices scaleCreedy, D.K. ; Cantrill, R.M.; Cooke, M.
22009Clinical Progression Portfolio: A resource for enhancing learning partnershipsCooke, M.; Walker, R.; Creedy, D. ; Henderson, A.
32010Creating supportive clinical learning environments: An intervention studyHenderson, A.; Twentyman, M.; Eaton, E.; Lloyd, B.; Creedy, D. ; Stapleton, P.
42010Development and psychometric testing of the Clinical Learning Organisational Culture Survey (CLOCS)Henderson, A.; Creedy, D. ; Boorman, R.; Cooke, M.; Walker, R.
52010Health Education Needs of Family Caregivers Supporting an Adolescent Relative With Schizophrenia or a Mood Disorder in TaiwanWei, S.-J.; Cooke, M.; Moyle, W.; Creedy, D. 
62008Maternal role development following childbirth among Australian womenEmmanuel, E.; Creedy, D.K. ; St, John W.; Gamble, J.; Brown, C.
7Apr-2011Maternal role development: The impact of maternal distress and social support following childbirthEmmanuel, E.N.; Creedy, D.K. ; St John, W.; Brown, C.
82009Midwives' reported practice supporting the first breastfeedCooke, M.; Cantrill, R.M.; Creedy, D.K. 
9Jul-2010Promoting and providing expert guidance in work-intensive clinical settingsHenderson, A.J.; Alexander, H.; Haywood, A.; Stapleton, P.; Cooke, M.; Patterson, E.; Dalton, M.; Creedy, D.K. 
10Nov-2008Symptoms of acute posttraumatic stress disorder after intensive careWallen, K.; Chaboyer, W.; Thalib, L.; Creedy, D.K. 
11Aug-2010Why do women request caesarean section in a normal, healthy first pregnancy?Fenwick, J.; Staff, L.; Gamble, J.; Creedy, D.K. ; Bayes, S.