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Xiong, J.Y.
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Xiong, J.-Y.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
129-Dec-2005Architecture of a biocompatible supramolecular material by supersaturation-driven fabrication of its fiber networkLi, J.-L. ; Liu, X.-Y. ; Wang, R.-Y. ; Xiong, J.-Y. 
228-Dec-2006Architecture of fiber network: From understanding to engineering of molecular gelsWang, R.-Y. ; Liu, X.-Y. ; Narayanan, J. ; Xiong, J.-Y. ; Li, J.-L. 
324-May-2007Architecture of macromolecular network of soft functional materials: From structure to functionXiong, J.-Y. ; Liu, X.-Y. ; Li, J.-L. ; Vallon, M.W.
41-Jan-2006Determination of agarose gel pore size: Absorbance measurements vis a vis other techniquesNarayanan, J. ; Xiong, J.-Y. ; Liu, X-Y. 
54-Oct-2006Engineering of small molecule organogels by design of the nanometer structure of fiber networksLi, J.L. ; Liu, X.Y. ; Strom, C.S. ; Xiong, J.Y. 
623-Aug-2010Erratum: Surfactant free fabrication of polyimide nanoparticles (Applied Physics Letters (2004) 85 (23))Xiong, J.Y. ; Liu, X.Y. ; Chen, S.B. ; Chung, T.S. 
728-Jul-2005Preferential solvation stabilization for hydrophobic polymeric nanoparticle fabricationXiong, J.-Y. ; Liu, X.-Y. ; Chen, S.B. ; Chung, T.-S. 
813-Apr-2006Real-time observation of fiber network formation in molecular organogel: Supersaturation-dependent microstructure and its related rheological propertyWang, R. ; Liu, X.-Y. ; Xiong, J. ; Li, J. 
96-Dec-2004Surfactant free fabrication of polyimide nanoparticlesXiong, J.Y. ; Liu, X.Y. ; Chen, S.B. ; Chung, T.S. 
1022-Dec-2004Surfactant free fabrication of polymeric nanoparticles by combined liquid-liquid phase separation and solvent/nonsolvent mixing technologyXiong, J.Y. ; Liu, X.Y. ; Sawant, P.D. ; Chen, S.B. ; Chung, T.S. ; Pramoda, K.P.
1131-Mar-2005Topology evolution and gelation mechanism of agarose gelXiong, J.-Y. ; Narayanan, J. ; Liu, X.-Y. ; Chong, T.K.; Chen, S.B. ; Chung, T.-S. 
122006Understanding of hydrogel network formation and its application in the architecture of significantly enhanced hydrogelXiong, J.Y. ; Liu, X.Y. ; Li, J.L. ; Narayanan, J. ; Wang, R.Y.