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Trivic Zdravko

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12017Activating Urban Spaces and Communities through Arts and Culture: Boosting Local Identity and Social Bonding in Singapore’s Housing NeighbourhoodsTrivic Zdravko ; Tan Beng Kiang ; Rita Padawangi ; Duong Quyen ; Mascarenhas Nina 
218-Aug-2021Ageing and dementia-friendly urban design: New directions for interdisciplinary researchDANIEL R. Y. GAN ; TRIVIC ZDRAVKO 
321-Feb-2020Alternative Perception-driven and Multi-Sensorial Approaches to Urbanism, Age-Friendly and Health-Supportive DesignTrivic Zdravko 
43-Feb-2020An Architectural Approach to the KinesphereTrivic Zdravko 
530-Oct-2017Arts and Culture Strategies for Activating Neighbourhood Public Spaces: Bringing Arts to the Heartlands of SingaporeTrivic Zdravko ; Tan Beng Kiang ; Mascarenhas Nina ; Duong Quyen ; Padawangi Rita 
6May-2019Assessing the Impact of Bringing Arts into NeighbourhoodsTrivic Zdravko ; Duong, Quyen ; Mascarenhas, Nina ; Tan, Beng Kiang ; Padawangi, Rita 
7May-2019Bringing Arts into the Neighbourhoods: Choosing the Right Space and StrategyTrivic Zdravko ; Mascarenhas, Nina ; Duong, Quyen ; Tan, Beng Kiang ; Padawangi, Rita 
83-Nov-2018Capacities and Impacts of Community Arts and Culture Initiatives in SingaporeTrivic, Zdravko ; Tan, Beng Kiang ; Mascarenhas, Nina ; Duong, Quyen 
92020Foreword by Dr Zdravko TrivicTRIVIC ZDRAVKO 
10Aug-2018High-Density Ageing-Friendly Neighbourhoods: Multi-Sensorial PerspectiveTrivic Zdravko ; Radovic, Darko ; Lucas, Raymond; Low, Kelvin EY 
1130-Oct-2017Multi-Sensory Approach to Health-Supportive and Ageing-Friendly High-Density EnvironmentsTrivic Zdravko 
1226-Apr-2017New High-Density Intensified Housing Developments in Asia: Qualities, Potential, and ChallengesIm Sik Cho ; Zdravko Trivic ; Ivan Nasution 
137-Sep-2017Seductive Experience of Contemporary Shopping Environments: A Multi-sensory PerspectiveTrivic Zdravko 
142021Studying Multi-Sensory Neighbourhoods and Ageing-Friendly Design: Methodological PropositionsTrivic, Zdravko ; Low, Kelvin EY 
1518-Aug-2021The Repository: Where Reminiscence becomes Reliving through Synesthetic ArchitectureJian Wei Justin Tan; Jia Ying Elisabeth Yaw; Yisang Wang; TRIVIC ZDRAVKO 
1618-Aug-2021The Square Dance in China: How Sensory Design Can Foster Inter-Generational Interaction and Improve Older Adults’ WellbeingYunhua Zhu; Yi Zhang; Yiwei Wang; TRIVIC ZDRAVKO 
172015Towards an Integrated Urban Space Framework for Emerging Urban Conditions in a High-density ContextCho Im Sik ; Trivic Zdravko ; IVAN KURNIAWAN NASUTION