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Ja Ian Chong
Chong, J.I.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
11-Jan-2022All Dressed up with Nowhere to Go: The ASEAN Regional Forum, Major Power Disinterest and the Limits of Multilateral Security Cooperation in East AsiaChong, JI 
21-Sep-2020Book Review, “Steve Chan, Thucydides Trap? Historical Interpretation, Logic of Inquiry, and the Future of Sino-American Relations, Ann Arbor: University of Michigan Press,”Chong Ja Ian 
330-Dec-2020China's influence in Southeast Asia: No easy answersJa Ian Chong 
41-Aug-2022Discipline over Exceptionalism: Singapore-based Scholars, Regional Sensitivities and the Appeal of Anglophone International Relations ApproachesChong, Ja Ian 
51-Sep-2022Evolution of Our Times: Developing Democratic Identities in Hong Kong and TaiwanChong, JI ; Pan, HH
620-Jul-2022Evolution of Our Times: Hong Kong and Taiwan’s Developing Democratic IdentitiesChong, Ja Ian ; Pan, Hsin-Hsin
77-Feb-2023Finding Firmer Ground: The Role of High Technology in US-China RelationsChong, Ja Ian ; Hsu, Sara; Daniels, Rorry; Hargis, Shirley; Lee, John
81-Feb-2023Herding Cats: Coordination Challenges in ASEAN’s Approach to ChinaChong, Ja Ian 
9Oct-2010How external intervention made the sovereign stateChong, J.I. 
101-Sep-2022INTRODUCTION Post-democratizing Politics in Southeast and Northeast AsiaChong, JI ; Osterberg-Kaufmann, N
111-Nov-2020No Easy Answers: Southeast Asia and China’s InfluenceChong Ja Ian 
121-Jan-2023Other Countries Are Small Countries, and That’s Just a Fact: Singapore’s Efforts to Navigate US-China Strategic RivalryChong, JI 
1325-Jul-2022Post-Democratizing Politics in Southeast and Northeast AsiaChong, Ja Ian ; Osterberg-Kaufmann, Norma
141-Oct-2022Seeking Strategic Options for Myanmar: Reviewing Five-Point Consensus and Anticipating the Future of Democracy in Myanmar A Policy Paper CompendiumChong, Ja Ian 
15Jun-2023'Stand up like a Taiwanese!': PRC coercion and public preferences for resistanceChong, Ja Ian ; Huang, David WF; Wu, Wen-Chin
165-Jul-2022Struggling to Remember: Memory, Representation, and ContentionChong, Ja Ian 
177-Oct-2022Taiwan-Singapore: Unofficial yet multifacted tiesChong, Ja Ian 
189-Jul-2023The many "one Chinas": Multiple approaches to Taiwan and ChinaChong, Ja Ian 
191-Oct-2022The state of academic freedom in Singapore’s world-beating universitiesChong, Ja Ian ; George, Cherian ; Ang, Shannon
201-Oct-2022左右為難的習題莊嘉穎; Chong, Ja Ian