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Xue Hong
Xue, H.
Xue, Hong
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12000A High Order Modification on the Analytic Solution of 2-D Microchannel Gaseous FlowsXue, H. ; Fan, Q.
2Apr-2000A new analytic solution of the Navier-Stokes equations for microchannel flowsXue, H. ; Fan, Q.
3Feb-2001Comparison of different combustion models in enclosure fire simulationXue, H. ; Ho, J.C. ; Cheng, Y.M.
4Feb-1998Comparison of two approaches for implementing stream function boundary conditions in DQ simulation of natural convection in a square cavityShu, C. ; Xue, H. 
51998Compressible effects in microchannel flowsFan, Qing; Xue, Hong 
62000Control of ventilation airflow for tunnel fire safetyXue, H. ; Chew, T.C. ; Tay, K.L.; Cheng, Y.M.
712-Nov-1999Coupling of three-dimensional field and human thermoregulatory models in a crowded enclosureXue, H. ; Kang, Z.J.; Bong, T.Y.
81999Equilibration of heat conduction simulation in a very thin film using molecular dynamicsXue, H. ; Shu, C. 
917-Jul-1997Explicit computation of weighting coefficients in the harmonic differential quadratureShu, C. ; Xue, H. 
10Dec-1998Identification of a dynamic system using ambient vibration measurementsFeng, M.Q.; Kim, J.-M.; Xue, H. 
111-May-1998Mixing characteristics in a ventilated room with non-isothermal ceiling air supplyXue, H. ; Shu, C. 
12May-2001Modeling of thermal environment and human response in a crowded space for tropical climateKang, Z.J.; Xue, H. ; Bong, T.Y.
13Jan-2000Modelling of heat and carbon monoxide emitted from moving cars in an underground car parkXue, H. ; Ho, J.C. 
141996Numerical analysis of coupling relation between human occupants and stressed environment in a crowded enclosureXue, H. ; Kang, Z.; Bong, T.-Y. 
1520-May-2001Numerical study of grid distribution effect on accuracy of DQ analysis of beams and plates by error estimation of derivative approximationShu, C. ; Chen, W.; Xue, H. ; Du, H.
163-Jul-2001Numerical study of natural convection in an eccentric annulus between a square outer cylinder and a circular inner cylinder using DQ methodShu, C. ; Xue, H. ; Zhu, Y.D.
17Mar-1998Predicting Window Condensation Potential for a Large Viewing GalleryBong, T.Y. ; Xue, H. ; Liew, H.C.
18Apr-2000Prediction of micro-channel flows using direct simulation Monte CarloXue, H. ; Fan, Q.; Shu, C. 
198-Jun-1999Solution of Helmholtz equation by differential quadrature methodShu, C. ; Xue, H. 
20May-1999Temperature measurement in the swirl chamber of an IDI engine using Moire deflectometryLi, D.T.; Xiong, R.; Xue, H.