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D'Alessandro Mariadomenica
Ling, A.
Ling, E.J.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
128-Apr-2008Absolute emission rates of spontaneous parametric down-conversion into single transverse Gaussian modesLing, A. ; Lamas-Linares, A. ; Kurtsiefer, C. 
22008Absolute rates of spontaneous parametric down conversion into a single transverse Gaussian modeLing, A. ; Lamas-Linares, A. ; Kurtsiefer, C. 
310-Jul-2006An optimal photon counting polarimeterLing, A. ; Soh, K.P.; Lamas-Linares, A. ; Kurtsiefer, C. 
42011Bias voltage control of avalanche photo-diode using a window comparatorSachidananda, S.; Ling, A. 
52008Experimental E91 quantum key distributionLing, A. ; Peloso, M.; Marcikic, I. ; Lamas-Linares, A. ; Kurtsiefer, C. 
621-Nov-2007Experimental falsification of leggett's nonlocal variable modelBranciard, C.; Ling, A. ; Gisin, N.; Kurtsiefer, C. ; Lamas-Linares, A. ; Scarani, V. 
72006Experimental polarization state tomography using optimal polarimetersLing, A. ; Soh, K.P.; Lamas-Linares, A. ; Kurtsiefer, C. 
82006Experimental polarization state tomography using photon counting polarimetersLing, A. ; Pang, S.K.; Lamas-Linares, A. ; Kurtsiefer, C. 
920-Aug-2008Experimental quantum key distribution based on a Bell testLing, A. ; Peloso, M.P.; Marcikic, I. ; Scarani, V. ; Lamas-Linares, A. ; Kurtsiefer, C. 
102005Free space quantum cryptography using compact polarization entangled photon pair sourceMarcikic, I. ; Ling, A. ; Looi, S.Y.; Gosal, D. ; Lamas-Linares, A. ; Kurtsiefer, C. 
112011Interfacing single photons from dissimilar sourcesPolyakov, S.V.; Muller, A.; Ling, A. ; Borjemscaia, N.; Flagg, E.B.; Keuren, E.V.; Migdall, A.L.; Solomon, G.S.
122005Preparation of Bell States with controlled "white noise"Ling, E.J. ; Peng, Y.H.; Lamas, A. ; Kurtsiefer, C. 
13Jul-2006Preparation of bell states with controlled white noiseLing, A. ; Han, P.Y.; Lamas-Linares, A. ; Kurtsiefer, C. 
14Oct-2012Quantum optics for space platformsMorong, W.; Ling, A. ; Oi, D.
1515-Jul-2013Silicon avalanche photodiode operation and lifetime analysis for small satellitesTan, Y.C.; Chandrasekara, R.; Cheng, C.; Ling, A. 
16Sep-2008Testing quantum correlations versus single-particle properties within Leggett's model and beyondBranciard, C.; Brunner, N.; Gisin, N.; Kurtsiefer, C. ; Lamas-Linares, A. ; Ling, A. ; Scarani, V. 
17Sep-2002Three-qutrit correlations violate local realism more strongly than those of three qubitsKaszlikowski, D. ; Gosal, D. ; Ling, E.J. ; Kwek, L.C. ; Zukowski, M. ; Oh, C.H. 
1831-Oct-2008Wigner tomography of two-qubit states and quantum cryptographyDurt, T.; Kurtsiefer, C. ; Lamas-Linares, A. ; Ling, A.