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Kim Hee-Woong
Kim, H.W.
Kim, H.
Kim, H.-W.


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12007A balanced thinking-feelings model of information systems continuanceKim, H.-W. ; Chan, H.C. ; Chan, Y.P.
22007A knowledge integration approach for organizational decision supportKwahk, K.-Y.; Kim, H.-W. ; Chan, H.C. 
32004A process model for successful CRM system developmentKim, H.-W. 
42007Comparing the usage behavior and the continuance intention of mobile internet servicesKim, H.-W. ; Kwahk, K.-Y.
52006Converting virtual community members into online purchase customersSumeet, G. ; Kim, H.-W. ; Zheng, R.J.
62007Developing the commitment to virtual community: The balanced effects of cognition and affectGupta, S. ; Kim, H.-W. 
72007Drivers of price Premium in e-marketsKim, H.-W. ; Xu, Y. 
82006Information systems citation patterns from international conference on information systems articlesChan, H.C. ; Kim, H.-W. ; Tan, W.C.
92007Investigating knowledge contribution from the online identity perspectiveZheng, J.R.; Kim, H.-W. 
102009Investigating user resistance to information systems implementation: A status quo bias perspectiveKim, H.-W. ; Kankanhalli, A. 
112004Knowledge based decision making on higher level strategic concerns: System dynamics approachYim, N.-H.; Kim, S.-H.; Kim, H.-W. ; Kwahk, K.-Y.
122008Linking structural equation modeling to Bayesian networks: Decision support for customer retention in virtual communitiesGupta, S. ; Kim, H.W. 
132008Managing readiness in enterprise systems-driven organizational changeKwahk, K.-Y.; Kim, H.-W. 
142009Measuring open source software successLee, S.-Y.T.; Kim, H.-W. ; Gupta, S. 
152006Moderating the price sensitivity of online customersKim, H.-W. ; Toh, D.E.S.
162007Online customer retention: The resistance to change perspectiveGupta, S.; Kim, H. ; Hong, N.E.
172008Order Effect and Vendor Inspection in Online Comparison ShoppingXu, Y.(C.) ; Kim, H.-W. 
182007Presentation desire of digital identity in virtual communityKim, H.-W. ; Que, E.
192008Software continuance from the switching costs perspective: A case of Web BrowserKim, H.-W. ; Perera, N.
202006Task performance and social information seekingXu, Y.C. ; Kim, H.-W.