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Xu Yunjie
(not current staff)
Xu, Y.C.
Xu, Y.(C.)
Xu, Y.
Yunjie, X.


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12009Am i afraid of my peers? understanding the antecedents of information privacy concerns in the online social contextChen, J.; Xu, Y. ; Ping, W.; Tan, B.C.Y. 
22010Brand extension of online technology products: Evidence from search engine to virtual communities and online newsSong, P.; Zhang, C.; Xu, Y.(C.) ; Huang, L.
32005Build to succeed: The effect of store design factors on online trust and store usefulnessXu, Y. 
42010Construction of trust beliefs through response to online negative product review: A justice perspectiveChen, J.; Xu, Y. ; Huang, P.
52009Delineating the boundary of "Context" in information behavior: Towards a contextual identity frameworkAgarwal, N.K. ; Xu, Y.C. ; Poo, D.C.C. 
62007Designing product list on e-tailing websites: The effect of sorting on consumer decisionShun, C. ; Yunjie, X. 
72008Designing product lists for e-commerce: The effects of sorting on consumer decision makingCai, S. ; Xu, Y. 
82007Drivers of price Premium in e-marketsKim, H.-W. ; Xu, Y. 
92006Effects of outcome, process and shopping enjoyment on online consumer behaviourCai, S. ; Xu, Y. 
102007Emotional expression online: The impact of task, relationship and personality perception on emoticon usage in instant messengerXu, L.; Yi, C. ; Xu, Y. 
112007Erratum: Who will you ask? An empirical study of interpersonal task information seeking (Journal of the American Society for Information Science and Technology (2006) 57:12 (1666-1677))Xu, Y. ; Yang, L.; Tan, B.C.Y. 
122007Factors affecting 3G adoption: An empirical studyAgarwal, N.K. ; Wang, Z. ; Xu, Y. ; Poo, D.C.C. 
132008How do people seek knowledge in information system projects: A new perspective from social network theoryZhang, C.; Xu, Y. ; Zhang, C.
142005Information retrieval with a hybrid automatic query expansion and data fusion procedureXu, Y. ; Benaroch, M.
152009Offer with choices and accept with delay: A win-win strategy model for agent-based automated negotiationYang, Y.; Singhal, S.; Xu, Y.C. 
162008Order Effect and Vendor Inspection in Online Comparison ShoppingXu, Y.(C.) ; Kim, H.-W. 
172006Order effects on consumer product choices in online retailingCai, S. ; Xu, Y. 
182008Product adoption in online social networkXu, Y.C. ; Zhang, C.; Xue, L.; lan Yeo, L.
192007Relevance Judgment in Epistemic and Hedonic Information SearchesXu, Y. 
202006Relevance judgment: What do information users consider beyond topicality?Xu, Y. ; Chen, Z.