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Roger Zimmermann
Zimmerman, R.
Zimmermann, R.
Zimmermann, Roger


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120-Apr-2020A Multi-task Learning Framework for Road Attribute Updating via Joint Analysis of Map Data and GPS TracesYin, Y ; Varadarajan, J; Wang, G ; Wang, X ; Sahrawat, D ; Zimmermann, R ; Ng, SK 
22010A novel dual-index design to efficiently support snapshot location-based query processing in mobile environmentsWang, H.; Zimmermann, R. 
32012Adaptive coding with CPU energy conservation for mobile video callsMa, H.; Zimmermann, R. 
42009Adaptive safe regions for continuous spatial queries over moving objectsHsueh, Y.-L.; Zimmermann, R. ; Ku, W.-S.
52010An adaptive strategy for mobile ad hoc media streamingQin, M.; Zimmermann, R. 
62010An embedded P2P-based positional audio system in virtual environmentsSeo, B. ; Zimmermann, R. ; Htoon, M.M. ; Wang, C.-D.
72012An experimental study of video uploading from mobile devices with HTTP streamingSeo, B. ; Cui, W.; Zimmermann, R. 
82012Automatic music soundtrack generation for outdoor videos from contextual sensor informationYu, Y.; Shen, Z.; Zimmermann, R. 
92012Automatic positioning data correction for sensor-annotated mobile videosWang, G.; Seo, B. ; Zimmermann, R. 
102011Automatic tag generation and ranking for sensor-rich outdoor videosShen, Z.; Ay, S.A. ; Kim, S.H.; Zimmermann, R. 
112012Caching support for skyline query processing with partially-ordered domainsHsueh, Y.-L.; Zimmermann, R. ; Ku, W.-S.
122013Camera shooting location recommendations for landmarks in geo-spaceZhang, Y.; Zimmermann, R. 
132015Content vs. Context: Visual and geographic information use in video landmark retrievalYin, Yifang ; Seo, Beomjoo; Zimmermann, Roger 
142009Cross-tree adjustment for spatialized audio streaming over networked virtual environmentsLiang, K.; Zimmermann, R. 
152010Design and implementation of geo-tagged video search frameworkKim, S.H.; Arslan Ay, S.; Zimmermann, R. 
162021Domain Divergences: A Survey and Empirical AnalysisRamesh Kashyap, Abhinav ; Hazarika, Devamanyu; Kan, Min-Yen ; Zimmermann, Roger 
171-Mar-2020DQ-DASH: AQueuing Theory Approach to Distributed Adaptive Video StreamingBentaleb, A ; Yadav, PK; OOI WEI TSANG ; Zimmermann, R 
182012DVS: A dynamic multi-video summarization system of sensor-rich videos in geo-spaceZhang, Y.; Zimmermann, R. 
192013Dynamic bit encoding for privacy protection against correlation attacks in RFID backward channelSakai, K.; Ku, W.-S.; Zimmermann, R. ; Sun, M.-T.
202013Dynamic multi-video summarization of sensor-rich videos in geo-spaceZhang, Y.; Ma, H.; Zimmermann, R.