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Guan Sheng-Uei,Steven
(not current staff)
Guan, S.
Guan, S.-U.
Guan, S.U.
Uei, G.S.


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Mar-20042-D CA Variation With Asymmetric Neighborship for Pseudorandom Number GenerationGuan, S.-U. ; Zhang, S. ; Quieta, M.T.
2Apr-2005A class decomposition approach for GA-based classifiersGuan, S.-U. ; Zhu, F.
3Oct-2005A dynamic Petri Net model for iterative and interactive distributed multimedia presentationTan, R.; Guan, S.-U. 
42004A factory-based approach to support e-commerce agent fabricationGuan, S. ; Zhu, F.; Maung, M.-T.
5Oct-2002A family of controllable cellular automata for pseudorandom number generationGuan, S.-U. ; Zhang, S. 
61999A golden block self-generating scheme for continuous patterned wafer inspectionsGuan, S.-U. ; Xie, P.
7Mar-2003A golden-block-based self-refining scheme for repetitive patterned wafer inspectionsGuan, S.-U. ; Xie, P.; Li, H.
82002A hierarchical incremental learning approach to task decompositionGuan, S.-U. ; Li, P. 
92004A modularized electronic payment system for agent-based e-commerceGuan, S.-U. ; Tan, S.L.; Hua, F.
102002A secure approach for mobile agent migration controlGuan, S.-U. ; Wang, T.; Ong, S.-H. 
112005An electronic auction service framework based on mobile software agentsGuan, S.-U. 
122002An extendible Petri net model for Memex-like applicationsGuan, S.-U. ; Liu, W. ; Ong, K. 
132004An incremental approach to contribution-based feature selectionGuan, S.-U. ; Liu, J.; Qi, Y.
14Apr-2005An incremental approach to genetic-algorithms-based classificationGuan, S.-U. ; Zhu, F.
15Feb-2004Class Decomposition for GA-Based Classifier Agents - A Pitt ApproachGuan, S.-U. ; Zhu, F.
16Feb-2007Clustering and combinatorial optimization in recursive supervised learningRamanathan, K.; Guan, S.U. 
17Jul-2005Configurable cellular automata for pseudorandom number generationQuieta, M.T.; Guan, S.-U. 
182005E-Commerce product selection and evaluation servicesGuan, S.-U. 
192005Evolutionary intelligent agents for e-commerce: Generic preference detection with feature analysisGuan, S.-U. ; Chan, T.K.; Zhu, F.
20May-2005Evolving dynamic multi-objective optimization problems with objective replacementGuan, S.-U. ; Chen, Q.; Mo, W.