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Xing Zhenchang
(not current staff)
Xing, Z.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12011An exploratory study of feature location process: Distinct phases, recurring patterns, and elementary actionsWang, J.; Peng, X.; Xing, Z. ; Zhao, W.
22012Automatic adaptation of software applications to database evolution by graph differencing and AOP-based dynamic patchingSong, Y.; Peng, X.; Xing, Z. ; Zhao, W.
32011CloneDiff - Semantic differencing of clonesXue, Y. ; Xing, Z. ; Jarzabek, S. 
42011CloneDifferentiator: Analyzing clones by differentiationXing, Z. ; Xue, Y. ; Jarzabek, S. 
52012Cloning practices: Why developers clone and what can be changedZhang, G.; Peng, X.; Xing, Z. ; Zhao, W.
62011Concern localization using information retrieval: An empirical study on Linux kernelWang, S.; Lo, D.; Xing, Z. ; Jiang, L.
72011Differencing labeled transition systemsXing, Z. ; Sun, J.; Liu, Y. ; Dong, J.S. 
82013Differencing UML models: A domain-specific vs. a domain-agnostic methodMikhaiel, R.; Tsantalis, N.; Negara, N.; Stroulia, E.; Xing, Z. 
92012Feature location in a collection of product variantsXue, Y. ; Xing, Z. ; Jarzabek, S. 
102011Improving product line architecture design and customization by raising the level of variability modelingZhu, J.; Peng, X.; Jarzabek, S. ; Xing, Z. ; Xue, Y. ; Zhao, W.
112011Incremental and iterative reengineering towards software product line: An industrial case studyZhang, G.; Shen, L.; Peng, X.; Xing, Z. ; Zhao, W.
122011Iterative context-aware feature location (NIER track)Peng, X.; Xing, Z. ; Tan, X.; Yu, Y.; Zhao, W.
132010Model comparison with GenericDiffXing, Z. 
142011Monitoring software quality evolution by analyzing deviation trends of modularity viewsZhu, T.; Wu, Y.; Peng, X.; Xing, Z. ; Zhao, W.
152010SpecDiff: Debugging formal specificationsXing, Z. ; Sun, J. ; Liu, Y. ; Dong, J.S. 
162010Understanding feature evolution in a family of product variantsXue, Y. ; Xing, Z. ; Jarzabek, S.