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Sun Jun
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Jun, S.
Sun, J.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12009A formal framework for modeling and validating Simulink diagramsChen, C. ; Dong, J.S. ; Sun, J. 
22008A formal model of semantic web service ontology (WSMO) executionWang, H.H.; Gibbins, N.; Payne, T.; Saleh, A.; Sun, J. 
32007A formal semantic model of the semantic Web Service Ontology (WSMO)Wang, H.H.; Gibbins, N.; Payne, T.; Saleh, A.; Sun, J. 
42006A reasoning method for timed CSP based on constraint solvingDong, J.S. ; Hao, P.; Sun, J. ; Zhang, X.
52008A scalable approach to multi-style architectural modeling and verificationWong, S.; Sun, J.; Warren, I.; Sun, J. 
62015A systematic study on explicit-state non-zenoness checking for timed automataWang, T.; Sun, J. ; Wang, X.; Liu, Y.; Si, Y.; Dong, J.S. ; Yang, X.; Li, X.
72005A tools environment for developing and reasoning about ontologiesDong, J.S. ; FENG YUZHANG ; Li, Y.F. ; Sun, J. 
82010A verification system for interval-based specification languagesChen, C. ; Dong, J.S. ; Sun, J. ; Martin, A.
92008A verification system for timed interval calculusChen, C. ; Dong, J.S. ; Sun, J. 
102006Algorithmic Design Using Object-Z for Twig XML Queries EvaluationLiu, Y. ; Sun, J. 
112008An analyzer for extended compositional process algebrasLiu, Y. ; Sun, J. ; Dong, J.S. 
122008Bounded model checking of compositional processesSun, J. ; Liu, Y. ; Dong, J.S. ; Sun, J.
132008Compositional encoding for bounded model checkingSun, J. ; Liu, Y. ; Dong, J.S. ; Sun, J.
142007Context awareness systems design and reasoningDong, J.S. ; Feng, Y.; Sun, J.; Sun, J. 
152006Design synthesis from interaction and state-based specificationsSun, J. ; Dong, J.S. 
162010Developing model checkers using PATLiu, Y. ; Sun, J. ; Dong, J.S. 
172010Exploring syntactic structural features for sub-tree alignment using Bilingual Tree KernelsSUN JUN ; Zhang, M.; Tan, C.L. 
182005Extracting FSMs from object-Z specifications with history invariantsSun, J. ; Dong, J.S. 
192009Fair model checking with process counter abstractionSun, J. ; Liu, Y. ; Roychoudhury, A. ; Liu, S. ; Dong, J.S. 
202009Formal verification of scalable nonzero indicatorsZhang, S.J.; Liu, Y. ; Sun, J. ; Dong, J.S. ; Chen, W.; Liu, Y.A.