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Mahesh Babu Ramamurthy
Ramamurthy, M.B.
Mahesh Babu, R.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Jul-2012Asthma syndrome understanding asthma phenotypes in childrenMahesh Babu, R. ; Kinimi, I.
2Aug-2012Effect of current breastfeeding on sleep patterns in infants from Asia-Pacific regionRamamurthy, M.B. ; Sekartini, R.; Ruangdaraganon, N.; Huynh, D.H.T.; Sadeh, A.; Mindell, J.A.
32018Establishment of the nasal microbiota in the first 18 months of life: Correlation with early-onset rhinitis and wheezingTa L.D.H.; Yap G.C. ; Tay C.J.X.; Lim A.S.M.; Huang C.-H. ; Chu C.W.; De Sessions P.F.; Shek L.P. ; Goh A. ; Van Bever H.P.S. ; Teoh O.H.; Soh J.Y. ; Thomas B. ; Ramamurthy M.B. ; Goh D.Y.T. ; Lay C. ; Soh S.-E. ; Chan Y.H. ; Saw S.-M. ; Kwek K. ; Chong Y.-S. ; Godfrey K.M.; Hibberd M.L. ; Lee B.W. 
431-Oct-2021Impact of work routines on parents' and children's sleep during the COVID-19 pandemic lockdownAishworiya, Ramkumar; Lim, Michael Teik Chung ; Ramamurthy, Mahesh Babu ; Tran, Anh Phuong ; Rajgor, Dimple D ; Goh, Daniel Yam Thiam 
5Oct-2011Sleep education in medical school curriculum: A glimpse across countriesMindell, J.A.; Bartle, A.; Wahab, N.A.; Ahn, Y.; Ramamurthy, M.B. ; Huong, H.T.D.; Kohyama, J.; Ruangdaraganon, N.; Sekartini, R.; Teng, A.; Goh, D.Y.T. 
62013Sleep education in pediatric residency programs: A cross-cultural lookMindell, J.A.; Bartle, A.; Ahn, Y.; Ramamurthy, M.B. ; Huong, H.T.D.; Kohyama, J.; Li, A.M.; Ruangdaraganon, N.; Sekartini, R.; Teng, A.; Goh, D.Y. 
72020Trajectories of Early-Onset Rhinitis in the Singapore GUSTO Mother-offspring CohortLoo, E.X.L. ; Liew Tau Ming ; Gaik Chin Yap ; Wong Su Yin Lydia ; Lynette Pei-Chi Shek ; Anne Goh ; Hugo P.S. Van Bever ; Teoh Oon Hoe ; Fabian Yap ; Kok Hian Tan ; Thomas Biju ; Mahesh Babu Ramamurthy ; Daniel Yam Thiam Goh ; Eriksson G Johan ; Yap?Seng Chong ; Keith M. Godfrey; Bee Wah Lee ; Tham, E.H.