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Erik Cambria
Cambria, E.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12013A graph-based approach to commonsense concept extraction and semantic similarity detectionRajagopal, D.; Cambria, E. ; Olsher, D.; Kwok, K. 
22013An introduction to concept-level sentiment analysisCambria, E. 
3Apr-2013Application of multi-dimensional scaling and artificial neural networks for biologically inspired opinion miningCambria, E. ; Mazzocco, T.; Hussain, A.
415-Feb-2013Circular-ELM for the reduced-reference assessment of perceived image qualityDecherchi, S.; Gastaldo, P.; Zunino, R.; Cambria, E. ; Redi, J.
52012Clustering social networks using interaction semantics and senticsChandra, P.; Cambria, E. ; Hussain, A.
62013Common Sense Knowledge for Handwritten Chinese Text RecognitionWang, Q.-F.; Cambria, E. ; Liu, C.-L.; Hussain, A.
72013Commonsense-based topic modelingRajagopal, D.; Olsher, D.; Cambria, E. ; Kwok, K. 
8Feb-2014Computational intelligence for natural language processing [Guest Editorial]Cambria, E. ; White, B.; Durrani, T.S.; Howard, N.
92013Data intensive review mining for sentiment classification across heterogeneous domainsBisio, F.; Gastaldo, P.; Peretti, C.; Zunino, R.; Cambria, E. 
102013Enhancing sentiment classification performance using bi-tagged phrasesAgarwal, B.; Mittal, N.; Cambria, E. 
112012Enriching SenticNet polarity scores through semi-supervised fuzzy clusteringPoria, S.; Gelbukh, A.; Cambria, E. ; Das, D.; Bandyopadhyay, S.
122013Feature ensemble plus sample selection: Domain adaptation for sentiment classificationXia, R.; Zong, C.; Hu, X.; Cambria, E. 
132013Inducing word senses for cross-lingual document clusteringTang, G.; Xia, Y.; Cambria, E. ; Jin, P.
142011Isanette: A common and common sense knowledge base for opinion miningCambria, E. ; Song, Y.; Wang, H.; Hussain, A.
152013Knowledge-based approaches to concept-level sentiment analysisCambria, E. ; Schuller, B.; Liu, B.; Wang, H.; Havasi, C.
162012Merging SenticNet and WordNet-Affect emotion lists for sentiment analysisPoria, S.; Gelbukh, A.; Cambria, E. ; Yang, P.; Hussain, A.; Durrani, T.
172013New avenues in opinion mining and sentiment analysisCambria, E. ; Schuller, B.; Xia, Y.; Havasi, C.
182011PrefaceCambria, E. ; Song, Y.; Havasi, C.; Hussain, A.; Balahur, A.; Baldassarri, S.; Cerezo, E.; Chandra, P.; Decherchi, S.; Del Hoyo, R.; Durrani, T.; Grassi, M.; Hupont, I.; Kwok, K. ; Liu, S.; Lu, J.; Mohammad, S.; Niazi, M.; Rosso, P.; Schuller, B.; Squartini, S.; Troyano, J.; Xia, R.; Zhang, L.; Zong, C.
192012Sentic activation: A two-level affective common sense reasoning frameworkCambria, E. ; Olsher, D.; Kwok, K. 
20Dec-2012Sentic Album: Content-, Concept-, and Context-Based Online Personal Photo Management SystemCambria, E. ; Hussain, A.