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Si-Shen Feng
Feng S.-S.
Feng, S.S.
Feng, S.S
Feng, S.
Si-Shen, F.
Feng, S.-s.
Feng, S.-S.
Shen, F.S.


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
19-Jan-2003A novel controlled release formulation for the anticancer drug paclitaxel (Taxol®): PLGA nanoparticles containing vitamin E TPGSMu, L. ; Feng, S.S. 
2Dec-2010A strategy for precision engineering of nanoparticles of biodegradable copolymers for quantitative control of targeted drug deliveryLiu, Y.; Li, K.; Liu, B. ; Feng, S.-S. 
3Oct-2010Antibody engineering promotes nanomedicine for cancer treatmentGao, J.; Feng, S.-S. ; Guo, Y.
42000Application of lipid as emulsifier in the solvent evaporation technique in fabrication of polymeric nanospheres for controlled release of Taxol®Huang, G.; Feng, S. 
5Dec-2009Aptamer-conjugated gold nanoparticles for intracellular targeted molecular imagingFeng, S.-S. 
62014Autophagy inhibition strategy for advanced nanomedicineMei, L.; Zhang, X.; Feng, S.-S. 
7Feb-2012Block copolymer micelles for nanomedicineLi, W.; Feng, S.-S. ; Guo, Y.
8Dec-2013Cetuximab conjugated vitamin E TPGS micelles for targeted delivery ofdocetaxel for treatment of triple negative breast cancersKutty, R.V.; Feng, S.-S. 
9Sep-2003Chemotherapeutic engineering: Application and further development of chemical engineering principles for chemotherapy of cancer and other diseasesFeng, S.-S. ; Chien, S.
10Dec-2011Chemotherapeutic engineering: Concept, feasibility, safety and prospect-a tribute to shu chien's 80th birthdayFeng, S.-S. 
11Dec-2007Chemotherapeutic engineering: Vitamin E TPGS-emulsified nanoparticles of biodegradable polymers realized sustainable paclitaxel chemotherapy for 168 h in vivoFeng, S.-S. ; Zhao, L. ; Zhang, Z. ; Bhakta, G. ; Yin Win, K. ; Dong, Y. ; Chien, S.
12Aug-2013Cholic acid-functionalized nanoparticles of star-shaped PLGA-vitamin E TPGS copolymer for docetaxel delivery to cervical cancerZeng, X.; Tao, W.; Mei, L.; Huang, L.; Tan, C.; Feng, S.-S. 
13Feb-2014Co-delivery of chemotherapeutic drugs with vitamin E TPGS by porous PLGA nanoparticles for enhanced chemotherapy against multi-drug resistanceZhu, H.; Chen, H.; Zeng, X.; Wang, Z.; Zhang, X.; Wu, Y.; Gao, Y.; Zhang, J.; Liu, K.; Liu, R.; Cai, L.; Mei, L.; Feng, S.-S. 
1415-Mar-2011Conjugated polymer loaded nanospheres with surface functionalization for simultaneous discrimination of different live cancer cells under single wavelength excitationLi, K.; Zhan, R.; Feng, S.-S. ; Liu, B. 
15Jun-2011Copolymer technology for advanced nanomedicineZhang, Z.; Yang, X.; Feng, S.-S. 
1628-Feb-2008d-α-Tocopheryl polyethylene glycol 1000 succinate (TPGS) modified poly(l-lactide) (PLLA) films for localized delivery of paclitaxelDong, Y. ; Zhang, Z. ; Feng, S.-S. 
17Mar-2012Development of docetaxel-loaded vitamin e TPGS micelles: Formulation optimization, effects on brain cancer cells and biodistribution in ratsMuthu, M.S.; Avinash Kulkarni, S. ; Liu, Y.; Feng, S.-S. 
182015Docetaxel-Loaded Nanoparticles of Dendritic Amphiphilic Block Copolymer H40-PLA- B -TPGS for Cancer TreatmentZeng X.; Tao W.; Wang Z.; Zhang X.; Zhu H.; Wu Y.; Gao Y.; Liu K.; Jiang Y.; Huang L.; Mei L.; Feng S.-S. 
19Oct-2008Doxorubicin conjugated to d-α-tocopheryl polyethylene glycol 1000 succinate (TPGS): Conjugation chemistry, characterization, in vitro and in vivo evaluationCao, N.; Feng, S.-S. 
201-Sep-2010Doxorubicin conjugated to D-α-tocopheryl polyethylene glycol succinate and folic acid as a prodrug for targeted chemotherapyAnbharasi, V.; Cao, N.; Feng, S.-S.