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Yin, Zhongchao
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Yin, Z.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12010An improved method for RNA isolation and cDNA library construction from immature seeds of Jatropha curcas LSangha, J.S.; Gu, K.; Kaur, J.; Yin, Z. 
2Aug-2000Characterizing rice lesion mimic mutants and identifying a mutant with broad-spectrum resistance to rice blast and bacterial blightYin, Z. ; Chen, J.; Zeng, L.; Goh, M.; Leung, H.; Khush, G.S.; Wang, G.-L. 
3Jan-2009Constitutive heterologous expression of avrXa27 in rice containing the R gene Xa27 confers enhanced resistance to compatible Xanthomonas oryzae strainsTian, D.; Yin, Z. 
42005Excision of a selectable marker in transgenic rice (Oryza sativa L.) using a chemically regulated Cre/loxP systemSreekala, C.; Wu, L.; Gu, K.; Wang, D. ; Tian, D.; Yin, Z. ; Sreekala, C.
52004High-resolution genetic mapping of Xa27(t), a new bacterial blight resistance gene in rice, Oryza sativa L.Gu, K.; Tian, D.; Yang, F.; Wu, L.; Sreekala, C.; Wang, D.; Yin, Z. ; Wang, G.-L.
6Nov-2012Marker-assisted breeding of Xa4, Xa21 and Xa27 in the restorer lines of hybrid rice for broad-spectrum and enhanced disease resistance to bacterial blightLuo, Y.; Sangha, J.S.; Wang, S.; Li, Z.; Yang, J.; Yin, Z. 
72010Production of marker-free transgenic rice expressing tissue-specific Bt geneQiu, C.; Sangha, J.S.; Song, F.; Zhou, Z.; Yin, A.; Gu, K.; Tian, D.; Yang, J.; Yin, Z. 
82005R gene expression induced by a type-III effector triggers disease resistance in riceGu, K.; Tian, D.; Wu, L.; Wang, D.; Sreekala, C.; Yang, F.; Chu, Z.; Yin, Z. ; Yang, B.; White, F.F.; Wang, G.-L.
9Nov-2009Transcription activator-like type III effector avrxa27 depends on ostfiiaγ5 for the activation of Xa27 transcription in rice that triggers disease resistance to Xanthomonas oryzae pv. oryzae: Short communicationGu, K.; Tian, D.; Qiu, C.; Yin, Z.