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Tick Ngee Sim
Sim, T.N.


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12003A domain conceptualization of adolescent susceptibility to peer pressureSim, T.N. ; Koh, S.F.
22000Adolescent psychosocial competence: The importance and role of regard for parentsSim, T.N. 
32000Adolescent psychosocial competence: The importance and role of regard for parentsSim, T.N. 
42010Adolescents' evaluative beliefs of failure: Explorations in a Chinese singaporean sampleSim, T.N. ; Wong, E.X.
5Jun-2003Attachment to God: Measurement and dynamicsSim, T.N. ; Loh, B.S.M.
62013Behavioral norms, moral judgments, and social approval of participant roles in school bullying in a Singapore sampleSim, T.N. ; Tan, M.M.
7Mar-2014Do Mothers' and Fathers' Authoritative and Authoritarian Parenting Interact? An Exploration on Schooling Aspects With a Singapore Adolescent SampleSim, T.N. ; Chin, J.E.H.
830-Sep-2019Effects of Reward Pedagogy on Spelling Scores and Prosocial Behaviors in Primary School Students in SingaporeFrancesca Wah; Tick Sim 
92010God Attachment, Mother Attachment, and Father Attachment in Early and Middle AdolescenceSim, T.N. ; Yow, A.S.
10Feb-2014How Lesbian and Heterosexual Women View Relationships, Sex, and Virginity: Explorations With a Singapore SampleHo, A.; Sim, T.N. 
112005Parent physical punishment and child aggression in a singapore chinese preschool sampleSim, T.N. ; Ong, L.P.
122007Parental attachment and adjustment to higher learning institutions: The role of stress for a Malaysian sample of late adolescentsSim, T.N. ; Ng, E.L.
13Jun-2012Peer Crowds in SingaporeSim, T.N. ; Yeo, G.H. 
14Mar-2013The development and validation of a God-centered self-esteem scaleHo, A.V.L.H.; Sim, T.N. 
15Jul-2003The father-adolescent relationship in the context of the mother-adolescent relationship: Exploring moderating linkages in a late-adolescent sample in SingaporeSim, T.N.