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Shah,Dilip A
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Shah, D.A.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
11-Jan-1999Aerodynamic stability of the downstream of two tandem square-section cylindersLuo, S.C. ; Li, L.L. ; Shah, D.A. 
21-Jan-1999An envelope method for detection of turbulence intermittency in a transitional boundary layerChew, Y.T. ; Shah, D.A. ; Wan, J.
3Nov-2004Development of boundary-layer flow in the presence of forced wavelength Görtler vorticesMitsudharmadi, H. ; Winoto, S.H. ; Shah, D.A. 
42006Development of most amplified wavelength Görtler vorticesMitsudharmadi, H. ; Winoto, S.H. ; Shah, D.A. 
51997Effects of riblets on transitional characteristics of a boundary layerShah, D.A. ; Chew, Y.T. ; Wan, J.
62000Efficiency of jet pumpsWinoto, S.H. ; Li, H.; Shah, D.A. 
7Mar-1996Estimation of turbulent shear stress in free jets: Application to valvular regurgitationWinoto, S.H. ; Shah, D.A. ; Liu, H.
8Jun-2002Evaluation of flow characteristics in the NUS-HDB wind tunnelBalendra, T. ; Shah, D.A. ; Tey, K.L. ; Kong, S.K. 
92010On the development of concave surface boundary layer flowsWinoto, S.H. ; Tandionol; Shah, D.A. ; Mitsudharmadi, H. 
102008On the linear and nonlinear development of Görtler vorticesTandiono, S.H.W.; Shah, D.A. 
112-Dec-2013Publisher's Note: "Spanwise velocity component in nonlinear region of Görtler vortices" [Phys. Fluids 25, 104104 (2013)]Tandiono, T.; Winoto, S.H.; Shah, D.A. 
12Jul-2005Secondary instability in forced wavelength Görtler vorticesMitsudharmadi, H. ; Winoto, S.H. ; Shah, D.A. 
13Sep-1993Some experimental techniques to detect transition in boundary layer flowWinoto, S.H. ; Shah, D.A. ; Ang, S.G.; Bin Ishak, M.Kamil
14Dec-2005Splitting and merging of Görtler vorticesMitsudharmadi, H. ; Winoto, S.H. ; Shah, D.A. 
15Nov-1997Velocity measurements within confined turbulent jets: Application to cardiovalvular regurgitationLiu, H.; Winoto, S.H. ; Shah, D.A. 
161998Visualization in water jet pump throat under limiting flow conditionWinoto, S.H. ; Shah, D.A. ; Li, H.
172005Visualizing Görtler VorticesWinoto, S.H. ; Mitsudharmadi, H. ; Shah, D.A. 
182009Visualizing shear stress in görtler vortex flowTandiono; Winoto, S.H. ; Shah, D.A. 
192009Wall shear stress in Görtler vortex boundary layer flowTandiono, S.H.W.; Shah, D.A.