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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12003A Comparative Study of Evolutionary Algorithm and Swarm Algorithm for Airfoil Shape Optimization ProblemsTan, C.M.; Ray, T. ; Tsai, H.M. 
22003A framework for optimization using approximate functionsWon, K.S. ; Ray, T. ; Tai, K.
32004A parallel hybrid optimization algorithm for robust airfoil designRay, T. ; Tsai, H.M. 
42004Aircraft configuration design using a multidisciplinary optimization approachRao, C.S. ; Ray, T. ; Tsai, H.M. 
52002Constrained robust optimal design using a multiobjective evolutionary algorithmRay, T. 
62005Flutter simulation and prediction via identification of non-linear impulse responseWon, K.S. ; Tsai, H.M. ; Ray, T. ; Feng, L.
7Mar-2003Golinski's speed reducer problem revisitedRay, T. 
8Sep-2004Leader identification and leader selection: Its effect on a swarm's performance for multi-objective design optimization problemsLiew, K.M.; Tan, P.K.; Ray, T. 
9Nov-2005Multilayer dielectric filter design using a multiobjective evolutionary algorithmVenkatarayalu, N.V. ; Ray, T. ; Gan, Y.-B. 
1022-Oct-2004On the use of computational intelligence in the optimal shape control of functionally graded smart platesLiew, K.M.; He, X.Q.; Ray, T. 
11Feb-2004Optimal process design of sheet metal forming for minimum springback via an integrated neural network evolutionary algorithmLiew, K.M.; Tan, H.; Ray, T. ; Tan, M.J.
122004Optimum design of Yagi-Uda antennas using computational intelligenceVenkatarayalu, N.V. ; Ray, T. 
132004Performance of Kriging and Cokriging based surrogate models within the unified framework for surrogate assisted optimizationWon, K.S. ; Ray, T. 
142003Single and multi-objective design of Yagi-Uda antennas using computational intelligenceVenkatarayalu, N.V. ; Ray, T. 
152003Single and multiobjective wing planform and airfoil shape optimization using a swarm algorithmNg, K.Y.; Tan, C.M.; Ray, T. ; Tsai, H.M. 
16Aug-2003Society and civilization: An optimization algorithm based on the simulation of social behaviorRay, T. ; Liew, K.M.
172004Study on the behaviour and implementation of parent centric crossover within the Generalized Generation Gap modelRay, T. ; Venkatarayalu, N. ; Won, K.S. ; Chan, K.P.
18Feb-2004Swarm Algorithm for Single- and Multiobjective Airfoil Design OptimizationRay, T. ; Tsai, H.M.