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Gunasingham, Hari
Gunasingham, H.
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117-May-1994Amperometric sensor for single and multicomponent analysisGUNASINGHAM, HARI 
2Jun-1988Analytical applications of the wall-jet detectorGunasingham, H. 
31991Anodic stripping voltammetry of lead using a copper-mercury film electrodeGunasingham, H. ; Dalangin, R.R.
41994Anodic stripping voltammetry of lead, cadmium and zinc in the presence of copper with an ion-exchange columnDalangin, R.R.; Gunasingham, H. 
51994Anodic stripping voltammetry with a Triton X-100 modified mercury film electrode using flow injectionDalangin, R.R.; Gunasingham, H. 
61986Automated mercury film electrode for flow injection analysis and high-performance liquid chromatography detectionGunasingham, H. ; Tay, B.T.; Ang, K.P.
71990Carbon paste-tetrathiafulvalene amperometric enzyme electrode for the determination of glucose in flowing systemsGunasingham, H. ; Tan, C.-H.
81989Chemically modified cellulose acetate membrane for biosensor applicationsGunasingham, H. ; Teo, P.Y.T.; Lai, Y.-H. ; Tan, S.-G.
91990Clinical evaluation of amperometric enzyme electrodes in continuous-flow analysis for glucose in undiluted whole bloodGunasingham, H. ; Tan, C.-H.; Aw, T.-C.
101990Comparative study of first-, second- and third-generation amperometric glucose enzyme electrodes in continuous-flow analysis of undiluted whole bloodGunasingham, H. ; Tan, C.-H.; Aw, T.-C.
1110-May-1985Computer automation of anodic stripping voltammetry with a mercury film wall-jet electrodeGunasingham, H. ; Ang, K.P.; Ngo, C.C.; Thiak, P.C.; Fleet, B.
121987Computer-assisted rapid-scan cyclic staircase voltammetry in normal-phase high-performance liquid chromatographyGunasingham, H. ; Tay, B.T.; Ang, K.P.
131990Conducting organic salt amperometric glucose sensor in continuous-flow monitoring using a wall-jet cellGunasingham, H. ; Tan, C.-H.
141986Configuring a dual processor based microcomputer as an integrator for chromatophy applicationsGunasingham, H. ; Ang, K.P.; Thiak, P.C.
1524-Dec-1986Dc anodic stripping voltammetry at the mercury-film wall-jet electrodeGunasingham, H. ; Ang, K.P.; Ngo, C.C.
161985Design and evaluation of a multibus-based multiprocessor system for the control of electro analytical experimentsGunasingham, H. 
171986Design of a prolog-based expert system for planning separations of steroids by high-performance liquid chromatographyGunasingham, H. ; Srinivasan, B.; Ananda, A.L. 
181989Design of an intelligent on-line examination systemAnanda, A.L. ; Gunasingham, H. ; Hoe, K.Y.; Toh, Y.F.
191990Design of CAESAR. A computer aided examination system with authoring and reviewAnanda, A.L. ; Woon, Y.S. ; Gunasingham, H. ; Radhakrishnan, T.
201987Determination of glucose using flow injection with a carbon fibre based enzyme reactorAng, K.P.; Gunasingham, H. ; Tay, B.T.; Herath, V.S.; Teo, P.Y.T.; Thiak, P.C.; Kuah, B.; Tan, K.L.