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Kwong Koon Shing
(not current staff)
Kwong, K.S.
Kwong, K.-S.


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
11-Jun-2002A modified Benjamini-Hochberg multiple comparisons procedure for controlling the false discovery rateKwong, K.S. ; Holland, B.; Cheung, S.H.
21-Sep-2001A modified Dunnett and Tamhane step-up approach for establishing superiority/equivalence of a new treatment compared with k standard treatmentsKwong, K.-S. 
315-Jan-2002A more powerful step-up procedure for controlling the false discovery rate under independenceKwong, K.-S. ; Wong, E.-H.
41-Sep-2003A multiple directional decision procedure for successive comparisons of treatment effectsLiu, W.; Kwong, K.-S. 
51996A note on simultaneous confidence intervals for multinomial proportionsKwong, K.-S. 
62001An algorithm for construction of multiple hypothesis testingKwong, K.-S. 
71-Oct-2000Calculation of critical values for Dunnett and Tamhane's step-up multiple test procedureKwong, K.S. ; Liu, W.
815-Oct-2004Multiple comparisons with a control in families with both one-sided and two-sided hypothesesCheung, S.H.; Kwong, K.S. ; Chan, W.S.; Leung, S.P.
9Jun-2004Multiple testing to establish superiority/equivalence of a new treatment compared with k standard treatments for unbalanced designsKwong, K.S. ; Cheung, S.H.; Chan, W.S.
102000Numerical evaluation of singular multivariate normal distributionsGenz, A.; Kwong, K.-S. 
111998On sample size and quick simultaneous confidence interval estimations for multinomial proportionsKwong, K.-S. 
121996On singular multivariate normal distribution and its applicationsKwong, K.-S. ; Iglewicz, B.
131-Sep-2002Solution to dalal and mallows conjecture on monotone property of the joint distribution of order statisticsBai, Z.D. ; Kwong, K.S.