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Bai, Z.
Bai, Z.D.
Bai, Z.-D.
Bai, Zhidong
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Jan-2004A chi-square test for dimensionality with non-Gaussian dataBai, Z.D. ; He, X.
2Apr-2001A kind of urn model for adaptive sequential designBai, Z. ; Chen, G.; Hu, F. 
31-Apr-1999A paradox in least-squares estimation of linear regression modelsBai, Z.D. ; Guo, M.
42002An adaptive design for multi-arm clinical trialsBai, Z.D. ; Hu, F. ; Shen, L.
515-Jan-2003An efficient algorithm for estimating the parameters of superimposed exponential signalsBai, Z.D. ; Rao, C.R.; Chow, M.; Kundu, D.
6Dec-2010Analysis of rounded data from dependent sequencesZhang, B.; Liu, T.; Bai, Z.D. 
7Oct-1999Asymptotic distributions of the maximal depth estimators for regression and multivariate locationBai, Z.-D. ; He, X.
8Sep-2013Asymptotic error bounds for kernel-based Nyström low-rank approximation matricesChang, L.-B.; Bai, Z. ; Huang, S.-Y.; Hwang, C.-R.
9Feb-2002Asymptotic properties of adaptive designs for clinical trials with delayed responseBai, Z.D. ; Hu, F.; Rosenberger, W.F.
101-Mar-1999Asymptotic theorems for urn models with nonhomogeneous generating matricesBai, Z.D. ; Hu, F. 
11Feb-2005Asymptotics in randomized urn modelsBai, Z.-D. ; Hu, F.
1210-Jun-2003Berry-Esseen bounds for the number of maxima in planar regionsBai, Z.-D. ; Hwang, H.-K.; Tsai, T.-H.
13Jun-2008Central limit theorems for eigenvalues in a spiked population modelBai, Z. ; Yao, J.-F.
142004Convergence rates of spectral distributions of large sample covariance matricesBai, Z.D. ; Miao, B.; Yao, J.-F.
15Dec-2009Corrections to LRT on large-dimensional covariance matrix by RMTBai, Z. ; Jiang, D.; Yao, J.-F.; Zheng, S.
16Nov-2013Estimation of the population spectral distribution from a large dimensional sample covariance matrixLi, W.; Chen, J.; Qin, Y.; Bai, Z. ; Yao, J.
1723-Mar-2021Exact and approximate computation of critical values of largest root test in high dimensionGregory Ang ; Zhidong Bai ; Kwok Pui Choi ; Yasunori Fujikoshi; Jiang Hu
18Jul-1999Exact separation of eigenvalues of large dimensional sample covariance matricesBai, Z.D. ; Silverstein, J.W.
19Nov-2010Functional CLT for sample covariance matricesBai, Z. ; Wang, X.; Zhou, W. 
202015Functional CLT of eigenvectors for large sample covariance matricesXia, Ningning; Bai, Zhidong