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Wai Yip Fan
Fan, Wai Yip
Fan, W.Y.
Wai, Y.F.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
120-Sep-2006A simple route to water-soluble size-tunable monodispersed Pd nanoparticles from light decomposition of Pd(PPh3)4Tan, H.; Zhan, T.; Fan, W.Y. 
215-Jun-2012Addition of pyrroles onto terminal alkynes catalyzed by a dinuclear ruthenium (II) complexTan, S.T.; Teo, Y.C.; Fan, W.Y. 
33-Mar-2006Alumina-template synthesis of fluorescent RuO2 nanotubes derived from Ru3(CO)12 clustersTan, H.; Ye, E. ; Fan, W.Y. 
4Sep-2007Bioimaging in the mid-infrared using an organometallic carbonyl tagKien, V.K.; Chew, W.; Lim, L.H.K.; Wai, Y.F. ; Weng, K.L. 
58-Aug-2011Catalytic hydrogen generation from the hydrolysis of silanes by ruthenium complexesTan, S.T.; Kee, J.W.; Fan, W.Y. 
628-May-2012Catalytic hydrosilylation of carbonyls via Re(CO) 5Cl photolysisToh, C.K.; Sum, Y.N.; Fong, W.K.; Ang, S.G. ; Fan, W.Y. 
7Aug-2010Catalytic rate enhancement observed for alkyne hydrocarboxylation using ruthenium carbonyl-capped nanostructuresChong, Y.Y.; Goh, W.B.; Tan, S.T.; Fan, W.Y. 
810-Jan-2003Characterization of SiN and other transient species in a silicon tetrachloride-nitrogen dischargeLi, P.; Fan, W.Y. 
921-Oct-2013Computational study of molecular properties with dual basis setsChwee, T.S.; Lim, G.S.; Fan, W.Y. ; Sullivan, M.B.
1022-Feb-2007Controlled synthesis of β-AgI nanoplatelets from selective nucleation of twinned Ag seeds in a tandem reactionNg, C.H.B.; Fan, W.Y. 
1117-Aug-2006Core - Shell and hollow nanocrystal formation via small molecule surface photodissociation; Ag@Ag2Se as an exampleTan, H.; Li, S.; Fan, W.Y. 
1226-Feb-2007[Cp*IrCl2]2-assisted C=C bond cleavage with water: An experimental and computational studySridevi, V.S.; Wai, Y.F. ; Weng, K.L. 
1325-Oct-2010CpMn(CO)3-catalyzed photoconversion of thiols into disulfides and dihydrogenTan, K.Y.D.; Kee, J.W.; Fan, W.Y. 
142-Nov-2006Direct functionalization of the hydroxyl group of the 6-mercapto-1-hexanol (MCH) ligand attached to gold nanoclustersTan, H.; Zhan, T.; Fan, W.Y. 
151-Jun-2004Energy distributions of CO produced in an acetone-containing dischargeLi, P.; Fan, W.Y. 
161-May-2013Facile Synthesis of Single Crystalline Rhenium (VI) Trioxide Nanocubes with High Catalytic Efficiency for Photodegradation of Methyl OrangeChong, Y.Y.; Fan, W.Y. 
175-Jul-2007Facile synthesis of single-crystalline y-cul nanotetrahedrons and their induced transformation to tetrahedral CuO nanocagesNg, C.H.B.; Fan, W.Y. 
187-Nov-2006Formation of Ag2Se nanotubes and dendrite-like structures from UV irradiation of a CSe2/Ag colloidal solutionNg, C.H.B.; Tan, H.; Fan, W.Y. 
1931-Aug-2006FTIR and computational studies of gas-phase hydrogen atom abstraction kinetics by t-butoxy radicalLi, S.; Fan, W.Y. 
2023-Jun-2006FTIR studies of iron-carbonyl intermediates in allylic alcohol photoisomerizationChong, T.S.; Tan, S.T.; Fan, W.Y.