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Yang Liangjing
(not current staff)
Yang, L.
Yang, L.J.


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12008A precise robotic ablation and division mechanism for liver resectionLeong, F.; Yang, L. ; Chang, S.; Poo, A.N. ; Sakuma, I.; Chui, C.-K. 
2Dec-2010A robotic system for overlapping radiofrequency ablation in large tumor treatmentYang, L. ; Wen, R.; Qin, J.; Chui, C.-K. ; Lim, K.-B. ; Chang, S.K.-Y.
3May-2011Current technology in navigation and robotics for liver tumours ablationChang, S.K.; Hlaing, W.W.; Yang, L. ; Chui, C.K. 
42011Designing an active motor skill learning platform with a robot-assisted laparoscopic trainerLee, C.S.; Yang, L. ; Yang, T.; Chui, C.K. ; Liu, J.; Huang, W.; Su, Y.; Chang, S.K.Y.
52009Image processing and modeling for active needle steering in liver surgeryBing, N.L.; Phu, B.N. ; Ong, S.H. ; Qin, J.; Yang, L.J. ; Chui, C.K. 
62010Intraoperative visual guidance and control interface for augmented reality robotic surgeryWen, R.; Yang, L. ; Chui, C.-K. ; Lim, K.-B. ; Chang, S.
72013Mechanism of a learning robot manipulator for laparoscopic surgical trainingYang, T.; Liu, J.; Huang, W.; Su, Y.; Yang, L. ; Chui, C.K. ; Ang Jr., M.H. ; Chang, S.K.Y.
82010Model-based design analysis for programmable remote center of motion in minimally invasive surgeryYang, L. ; Chng, C.B.; Chui, C.K. ; Lau, D.P.C.
92010Modeling cutting force of laparoscopic scissorsYang, T.; Xiong, L.; Zhang, J.; Yang, L. ; Huang, W.; Zhou, J.; Liu, J.; Su, Y.; Chui, C.K. ; Teo, C.L. ; Chang, S.