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Jasra, Ajay
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Jasra, A.
Jasra A.


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12014A Bayesian mixture of lasso regressions with t-errorsCozzini, A.; Jasra, A. ; Montana, G.; Persing, A.
216-Jan-2018A Note on Random Walks with Absorbing Barriers and Sequential Monte Carlo MethodsPierre Del Moral; Ajay Jasra 
3Sep-2012An adaptive sequential Monte Carlo method for approximate Bayesian computationDel Moral, P.; Doucet, A.; Jasra, A. 
42014Approximate Bayesian Computation for SmoothingMartin, J.S.; Jasra, A. ; Singh, S.S.; Whiteley, N.; Del Moral, P.; McCoy, E.
5Jan-2014Bayesian parameter inference for partially observed stopped processesJasra, A. ; Kantas, N.; Persing, A.
61-Dec-2018Bridging trees for posterior inference on ancestral recombination graphsHEINE, K; BESKOS, A ; JASRA, A ; BALDING, D; DE IORIO, M 
71-Feb-2014Computational methods for a class of network modelsWang, J.; Jasra, A. ; De Iorio, M.
82015Extended finite-time H∞ control for uncertain switched linear neutral systems with time-varying delaysWang S.; Shi T.; Zhang L.; Jasra A. ; Zeng M.
92013Gradient Free Parameter Estimation for Hidden Markov Models with Intractable LikelihoodsEhrlich, E.; Jasra, A. ; Kantas, N.
10Jun-2013Inference for a class of partially observed point process modelsMartin, J.S.; Jasra, A. ; McCoy, E.
11May-2013Likelihood computation for hidden Markov models via generalized two-filter smoothingPersing, A.; Jasra, A. 
12Apr-2012Linear variance bounds for particle approximations of time-homogeneous Feynman-Kac formulaeWhiteley, N.; Kantas, N.; Jasra, A. 
13Jun-2013Model-based clustering with gene ranking using penalized mixtures of heavy-tailed distributionsCozzini, A.; Jasra, A. ; Montana, G.
141-Feb-2019Multilevel Monte Carlo in Approximate Bayesian ComputationAjay Jasra ; Seongil Jo; David Nott ; Christine Shoemaker ; Raul Tempone
159-Jan-2017Multilevel Sequential Monte Carlo: Mean Square Error Bounds under Verifiable ConditionsPierre Del Moral; Ajay Jasra ; Kody Law
16Feb-2012On adaptive resampling strategies for sequential Monte Carlo methodsDel Moral, P.; Doucet, A.; Jasra, A. 
172019Optimization Based Methods for Partially Observed Chaotic SystemsPaulin, D ; Jasra, A ; Crisan, D; Beskos, A
182014Parameter estimation for hidden markov models with intractable likelihoodsDean, T.A.; Singh, S.S.; Jasra, A. ; Peters, G.W.
19Nov-2012Robust and adaptive algorithms for online portfolio selectionTsagaris, T.; Jasra, A. ; Adams, N.
2029-Aug-2016Some Contributions to Sequential Monte Carlo Methods for Option Pricing.Deborshee Sen; Ajay Jasra ; Yan Zhou