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Hongliang Ren


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12020A bimanual robotic teleoperation architecture with anthropomorphic hybrid grippers for unstructured manipulation tasksZhu, G.; Xiao, X. ; Li, C. ; Ma, J.; Ponraj, G. ; Prituja, A.V. ; Ren, H. 
212-Apr-2021A Flexible Transoral Robot Towards COVID-19 Swab SamplingLi, Changsheng ; Gu, Xiaoyi; Xiao, Xiao; Lim, Chwee Ming ; Duan, Xingguang; Ren, Hongliang 
32019A review of printable flexible and stretchable tactile sensorsKumar, K.S.; Chen, P.-Y. ; Ren, H. 
42015A Three-Dimensional-Printed Home-Based Flexible Nasopharyngeal Explorer With Diamond CutsChua Hui Min; Ong Jun Hao Edmund; Soh Yan Bing; Teo Jing Chun; Un Wei Yang; Yeow Bok Seng; Ren Hongliang 
52018Adaptive online constructive fuzzy tracking control for unmanned surface vessel with unknown time-varying uncertaintiesWang, S.; Fu, M.; Wang, Y.; Tuo, Y.; Ren, H. 
68-Jan-2021Applications of Robotics, AI, and Digital Technologies during COVID-19: A ReviewZhao, Zhuo; Ma, Yangmyung; Mushtaq, Adeel; Rajper, Abdul M. Azam; Shehab, Mahmoud; Heybourne, Annabel; Song, Wenzhan; Ren, Hongliang ; Tse, Zion Tsz Ho
711-Oct-2018Bioinspired Soft Actuators for Eyeball Motions in Humanoid RobotsLU LI ; HAREESH GODABA ; REN HONGLIANG ; JIAN ZHU
82020Comparative study of machine learning algorithms to classify hand gestures from deployable and breathable kirigami-based electrical impedance braceletVedhagiri, G.P.J.; Wang, X.Z. ; Kumar, K.S.; Ren, H. 
92019Compensating uncertainties in force sensing for robotic-assisted palpationGuo, J.; Xiao, B. ; Ren, H. 
102019Correction: Deep reinforcement learning for soft, flexible robots: Brief review with impending challenges. [Robotics 2019, 8, 4]doi 10.3390/robotics8010004Bhagat, S.; Banerjee, H. ; Tse, Z.T.H.; Ren, H. 
112019Deep reinforcement learning for soft, flexible robots: Brief review with impending challengesBhagat, S.; Banerjee, H. ; Tse, Z.T.H.; Ren, H. 
121-May-2016Design and Performance Evaluation of a Force/Torque Sensor for Tele-Operated Catheterization ProceduresGuo, Jin ; Li, Maoxun; Ho, Pei ; Ren, Hongliang 
1311-Oct-2018Dynamic Modeling and Feedforward Control of Jaw Movements Driven by Viscoelastic Artificial MusclesUJJAVAL GUPTA ; WANG YUZHE ; REN HONGLIANG ; ZHU JIAN 
142018Estimating Dynamic Motion Parameters with an Improved Wavelet Thresholding and Inter-Scale CorrelationWang, Y.; Zhang, B.; Ding, F.; Ren, H. 
1514-Oct-2021Fully-printable soft actuator with variable stiffness by phase transition and hydraulic regulationsLiao, Tingchen; Kalairaj, Manivannan Sivaperuman ; Cai, Catherine Jiayi; Tse, Zion Tsz Ho; Ren, Hongliang 
162015Hierarchical Recognition System for Target Recognition from Sparse RepresentationsCui Z.; Cao Z.; Yang J.; Ren H. 
173-Sep-2021Highly stretchable and kirigami-structured strain sensors with long silver nanowires of high aspect ratioHuang, Huiyan; Cai, Catherine Jiayi; Yeow, Bok Seng; Ouyang, Jianyong ; Ren, Hongliang 
182018Hydrogel actuators and sensors for biomedical soft robots: Brief overview with impending challengesBanerjee, H. ; Suhail, M.; Ren, H. 
192015Intensity-based visual servoing for instrument and tissue tracking in 3D ultrasound volumesNadeau, Caroline; Ren,Hongliang ; Krupa, Alexandre; Dupont, Pierre E.
202019Inverse kinematics with a geometrical approximation for multi-segment flexible curvilinear robotsKim, S. ; Xu, W. ; Ren, H.