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Duong Hai Minh
Duong, Hai Minh
Duong, H.M.


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12017A facile approach to tune the electrical and thermal properties of graphene aerogels by including bulk MoS2Gong, F; Liu, X; Yang, Y; Xia, D; Wang, W; Duong, H.M ; Papavassiliou, D.V; Xu, Z; Liao, J; Wu, M
22015A facile strategy to achieve high conduction and excellent chemical stability of lithium solid electrolytesSong, Shufeng ; Lu, Jia; Zheng, Feng; Duong, Hai Minh ; Lu, Li 
32016A Na+ Superionic Conductor for Room-Temperature Sodium BatteriesSong, S ; Duong, H.M ; Korsunsky, A.M; Hu, N; Lu, L 
42019Advanced Fabrication and Application of Pineapple Aerogels from Agricultural WasteNga H. N. Do; Thao P. Luu; Quoc B. Thai ; Duyen K. Le ; Ngoc Do Quyen Chau; Son T. Nguyen ; Phung K. Le; Nhan Phan-Thien ; Hai Duong 
52015Advanced fabrication and oil absorption properties of super-hydrophobic recycled cellulose aerogelsFeng, Jingduo; Nguyen, Truong Son ; Fan, Zeng ; Duong, Hai Minh 
65-Nov-2018Advanced fabrication and properties of hybrid polyethylene tetraphalate fiber-silica aerogels from plastic bottle wasteSalomo, Steven; Nguyen, Thanh X ; Le, Duyen K ; Zhang, Xiwen ; Nhan, Phan-Thien ; Duong, Hai M 
717-May-2018Advanced Recycled Polyethylene Terephthalate Aerogels from Plastic Waste for Acoustic and Thermal Insulation Applications.Koh, Hong Wei; Le, Duyen K ; Ng, Gek Nian; Zhang, Xiwen ; Phan-Thien, Nhan ; Kureemun, Umeyr ; Duong, Hai M 
82017Effective thermal transport properties in multiphase biological systems containing carbon nanomaterialsGong, F; Liu, J; Yang, J; Qin, J; Yang, Y; Feng, T; Liu, W; Duong, H.M ; Papavassiliou, D.V; Wu, M
92019Fabrication and properties of hybrid coffee-cellulose aerogels from spent coffee groundsZhang, X. ; Kwek, L.P.; Le, D.K. ; Tan, M.S.; Duong, H.M. 
106-Jun-2017Free-standing PEDOT:PSS/CNT Aerogels and Their Electrochemical PerformanceHanlin Cheng ; Lilian Medina; Hai Duong 
112011Non-linear thermal conductivity enhancement in nanocomposites with aligned-CNT implementationYamamoto, N.; Marconnet, A.M.; Duong, H.M. ; Goodson, K.E.; Wardle, B.L.
122017On-chip integrated vertically aligned carbon nanotube based super- and pseudocapacitorsPitkänen, O; Järvinen, T; Cheng, H; Lorite, G.S; Dombovari, A; Rieppo, L; Talapatra, S; Duong, H.M ; Tóth, G; Juhász, K.L; Kónya, Z; Kukovecz, A; Ajayan, P.M; Vajtai, R; Kordás, K
132016Review of recent developments on using an off-lattice monte carlo approach to predict the effective thermal conductivity of composite systems with complex structuresGong, F; Duong, H.M ; Papavassiliou, D.V
145-Oct-2016Silica-cellulose hybrid aerogels for thermal and acoustic insulation. applicationsFeng, Jingduo; Le, Duyen ; Nguyen, Son T ; Nien, Victor Tan Chin; Jewell, Daniel; Duong, Hai M