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Zhang Zhihua
(not current staff)
Zhang, Z.
Zhang, Z.H.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
16-May-2006A simple way to prepare PbS nanocrystals with morphology tuning at room temperatureZhang, Z. ; Lee, S.H.; Vittal, J.J. ; Chin, W.S. 
21-Oct-2005Amino-functionalized plasma polymer films for DNA immobilization and hybridizationZhang, Z. ; Knoll, W.; Förch, R.
330-May-2005Aminolysis route to monodisperse titania nanorods with tunable aspect ratioZhang, Z. ; Zhong, X.; Liu, S. ; Li, D.; Han, M. 
47-Oct-2004Embryonic nuclei-induced alloying process for the reproducible synthesis of blue-emitting Zn xCd 1-xSe nanocrystals with long-time thermal stability in size distribution and emission wavelengthZhong, X. ; Zhang, Z. ; Liu, S. ; Ban, M.; Knoll, W.
51-Jun-2004Excitonic nonlinear absorption in CdS nanocrystals studied using Z-scan techniqueHe, J. ; Ji, W. ; Ma, G.H. ; Tang, S.H. ; Elim, H.I. ; Sun, W.X. ; Zhang, Z.H. ; Chin, W.S. 
612-Jun-2007Method of preparing metal chalcogenide particlesCHIN, WEE SHONG ; ZHANG, ZHIHUA ; LIM, WEN PEI
74-Aug-2005Nanometer-sized gold-loaded gelatin/silica nanocapsulesLiu, S. ; Zhang, Z. ; Han, M.-Y. 
825-Oct-2004Preparation of Ag2S nanocrystals of predictable shape and sizeLim, W.P.; Zhang, Z. ; Low, H.Y.; Chin, W.S. 
92007Shape-controlled synthesis of zinc oxide: A simple method for the preparation of metal oxide nanocrystals in non-aqueous mediumZhang, Z. ; Lu, M. ; Xu, H. ; Chin, W.-S. 
1021-Sep-2004Synthesis of high-quality CdS, ZnS5 and ZnxCd1 - xS nanocrystals using metal salts and elemental sulfurZhong, X.; Liu, S. ; Zhang, Z. ; Li, L.; Wei, Z. ; Knoll, W.
112-Dec-2004Water-soluble CdS quantum dots prepared from a refluxing single precursor in aqueous solutionZhang, Z.H. ; Chin, W.S. ; Vittal, J.J.