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Kay Chuan Tan
Tan, K.C
Chuan, T.K.
Tan, K.-C.
Tan, K.C.


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12008A bibliographic analysis of the literature on new service developmentZhou, Q.; Tan, K.C. 
21-Jan-2010A bibliometric analysis of service research from AsiaTan, K.C. ; Goudarzlou, A. ; Chakrabarty, A.
32002A comparative study of 16 national quality awardsTan, K.C. 
41998A comparative study of nine national quality awardsPuay, S.H.; Tan, K.C. ; Xie, M. ; Goh, T.N. 
52010A conceptual framework on the adoption of new service development tools and techniques in service firmsDayu, J.; Hin, C.K. ; Chuan, T.K. 
62000A detailed trends analysis of national quality awards world-wideChuan, T.K. ; Soon, L.C.
72003A service quality framework for web-based information systemsTan, K.C. ; Xie, M. ; Li, Y.N.
82012A survey of new service development toolsJin, D.; Chai, K.-H. ; Wu, C.-C.; Tan, K.-C. 
92007A survey on Six Sigma implementation in Singapore service industriesChakrabarty, A.; Tan, K.C. 
10Aug-2005A TRIZ-based method for new service designChai, K.-H. ; Zhang, J.; Tan, K.-C. 
112011Adoption of new service development tools in the financial service industryJin, D.; Chai, K.-H. ; Tan, K.-C. 
1219-Jun-2009An exploratory qualitative and quantitative analysis of Six Sigma in service organizations in SingaporeChakrabarty, A.; Chuan, T.K. 
13Nov-2010Anthropometry of the Singaporean and Indonesian populationsChuan, T.K. ; Hartono, M.; Kumar, N.
142006Applying six-sigma in the service industry: A review and case study in call center servicesChakrabarty, A.; Tan, K.C. 
152010Bibliometric analysis of service science research: An assessment of institutional and individual research productivityChuan, T.K. ; Goudarzlou, A. 
162009Bibliometric analysis of service science research: Focus on contribution from AsiaChuan, T.K. ; Goudarzlou, A. ; Chakrabarty, A.
17Nov-2012Case study analysis of Six Sigma implementation in service organisationsChakraborty, A.; Tan, K.C. 
182008Case study analysis of six Sigma in Singapore service organizationsChakrabarty, A.; Tan, K.C. 
192012Cultural differences in applying Kansei Engineering to servicesHartono, M.; Chuan, T.K. ; Peacock, J.B.
20Dec-2005Dynamic programming for QFD optimizationLai, X.; Xie, M. ; Tan, K.C.