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Maria Helena Dieleman
Dieleman, M.
Marleen Dieleman
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12008Coevolution of institutions and corporations in emerging economies: How the Salim Group morphed into an institution of Suharto's crony regimeDieleman, M. ; Sachs, W.M.
22008Economies of connectedness: Concept and applicationDieleman, M. ; Sachs, W.M.
32008Expropriation of minority shareholders or social dividend? Beware of good corporate citizensSachs, W.M.; Dieleman, M. 
42019How powerful political ties appropriate resources and how weaker organizations protect themselves: A case study from IndonesiaDieleman, M ; Widjaja, H
52011Indonesia's missing multinationals: Business groups and outward direct investmentCarney, M.; Dieleman, M. 
61-Aug-2021Multinationals’ misbehaviorCuervo-Cazurra, Alvaro; Dieleman, Marleen ; Hirsch, Paul; Rodrigues, Suzana B.; Zyglidopoulos, Stelios
72011New town development in Indonesia: Renegotiating, shaping and replacing institutionsDieleman, M. 
82008Reluctant internationalization: The case of the salim groupDieleman, M. 
92010Shock-imprinting: External shocks and ethnic Chinese business groups in IndonesiaDieleman, M. 
109-Nov-2022Teaching Innovations in the Field of IB: Insights from the Academy of International Business Teaching Innovation Award 2021 FinalistsMarleen Dieleman ; Ausrine Silenskyte; Karen Lynden; Margaret Fletcher; Daria Panina
112008The value of social capital to family enterprises in indonesiaCarney, M.; Dieleman, M. ; Sachs, W.
129-Nov-2022TOWARD MORE IMPACTFUL INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS EDUCATION: A TEACHING INNOVATION TYPOLOGYMarleen Dieleman ; Ausrine Silenskyte; Karen Lynden; Margaret Fletcher; Daria Panina
132012Using organization structure to buffer political ties in emerging markets: A case studyDieleman, M. ; Boddewyn, J.J.