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Ling Chien Jaclyn Neo
Neo, J.L.-C.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Dec-2017‘"All Power has Legal Limits”: The Principle of Legality as a Basic Principle of Constitutional and Administrative Law in SingaporeNeo, JL 
22004“Anti-God, anti-Islam and anti-Quran”: Expanding the Range of Participants and Parameters in Discourse over Women’s Rights and Islam in MalaysiaNeo, JLC 
32016Balancing Act: The Balancing Metaphor as Deference and Dialogue in Constitutional AdjudicationNeo, JLC 
41-Nov-2013Calibrating Interpretive Incorporation: Constitutional Interpretation and Pregnancy Discrimination Under CEDAWNeo, Jaclyn Ling-Chien 
51-Jan-2015Competing imperatives: Conflicts and convergences in state and islam in pluralist MalaysiaNeo, JL 
63-Dec-2008Constitutional Supremacy: Still a Little DiceyNeo, JLC ; Lee, Y 
71-Apr-2018Definitional imbroglios: A critique of the definition of religion and essential practice tests in religious freedom adjudicationNeo, JL 
829-Aug-2019Dimensions of Religious Harmony as Constitutional Practice: Beyond State ControlNeo, Jaclyn 
92016Equal Protection and the Reasonable Classification Test in Singapore: After Lim Meng Suang v Attorney-GeneralNeo, JLC 
106-Jun-2023Exceeding Expectations? Substantive Legitimate Expectation and Constitutional RightsNeo, Ling Chien Jaclyn 
1124-Oct-2023Gender gaps in legal education: The impact of class participation assessmentsKhoo, Kenneth ; Neo, Jaclyn 
122016Incorporating Human Rights: Mitigated Dualism and Interpretation in Malaysian CourtsNeo, JLC 
132016Introduction: Judging the Singapore ConstitutionNeo, JLC 
1424-Jan-2020Introduction: Law and Politics of Freedom of Religion in Comparative PerspectiveJACLYN NEO LING CHIEN ; Scharffs, Brett
151-Mar-2006Malay nationalism, Islamic supremacy and the constitutional bargain in the multi-ethnic composition of MalaysiaNeo, JLC 
162007Malaysia’s First Report to the CEDAW CommitteeNeo, JLC 
1712-Feb-2017Navigating Minority Inclusion and Permanent Division: Minorities and the Depoliticization of Ethnic DifferenceNeo, JL 
18Jan-2010Parsing Privative Clauses: Rights, Security and Judicial Review in MalaysiaNeo, JLC 
191-Dec-2017Realizing the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion: The limited normative force of the ASEAN Human Rights DeclarationNeo, JL 
20Mar-2019Recent Developments in Muslim Law Practice in SingaporeJaclyn Neo Ling Chien ; Jamal, Arif ; Abbas, Ahmad Nizam; Mohammad, Halijah