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Akihiko Shimono
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Shimono, A.


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
112-Apr-2011A Tight Junction-Associated Merlin-Angiomotin Complex Mediates Merlin's Regulation of Mitogenic Signaling and Tumor Suppressive FunctionsYi, C.; Troutman, S.; Fera, D.; Stemmer-Rachamimov, A.; Avila, J.; Christian, N.; Persson, N.; Shimono, A. ; Speicher, D.; Marmorstein, R.; Holmgren, L.; Kissil, J.
28-Jul-2013Polarity-dependent distribution of angiomotin localizes hippo signaling in preimplantation embryosHirate, Y.; Hirahara, S.; Inoue, K.-I.; Suzuki, A.; Alarcon, V.B.; Akimoto, K.; Hirai, T.; Hara, T.; Adachi, M.; Chida, K.; Ohno, S.; Marikawa, Y.; Nakao, K.; Shimono, A. ; Sasaki, H.
37-Aug-2009Secreted Frizzled-Related Protein 1 Extrinsically Regulates Cycling Activity and Maintenance of Hematopoietic Stem CellsRenström, J.; Istvanffy, R.; Gauthier, K.; Shimono, A. ; Mages, J.; Jardon-Alvarez, A.; Kröger, M.; Schiemann, M.; Busch, D.H.; Esposito, I.; Lang, R.; Peschel, C.; Oostendorp, R.A.J.
41-Oct-2011Secreted frizzled-related proteins are required for Wnt/β-catenin signalling activation in the vertebrate optic cupEsteve, P.; Sandonìs, A.; Ibañez, C.; Shimono, A. ; Guerrero, I.; Bovolenta, P.
5Mar-2009Sfrp controls apicobasal polarity and oriented cell division in developing gut epitheliumMatsuyama, M.; Aizawa, S.; Shimono, A. 
6May-2012SFRP1 and SFRP2 dose-dependently regulate midbrain dopamine neuron development in vivo and in embryonic stem cellsKele, J.; Andersson, E.R.; Villaescusa, J.C.; Cajanek, L.; Parish, C.L.; Bonilla, S.; Toledo, E.M.; Bryja, V.; Rubin, J.S.; Shimono, A. ; Arenas, E.
723-Jul-2010Sfrp5 is an anti-inflammatory adipokine that modulates metabolic dysfunction in obesityOuchi, N.; Higuchi, A.; Ohashi, K.; Oshima, Y.; Gokce, N.; Shibata, R.; Akasaki, Y.; Shimono, A. ; Walsh, K.
8May-2011SFRPs act as negative modulators of ADAM10 to regulate retinal neurogenesisEsteve, P.; Sandonà S, A.; Cardozo, M.; Malapeira, J.; Ibañez, C.; Crespo, I.; Marcos, S.; Gonzalez-Garcia, S.; Toribio, M.L.; Arribas, J.; Shimono, A. ; Guerrero, I.; Bovolenta, P.
92012The embryonic mouse gut tube as a model for analysis of epithelial polarityMatsuyama, M.; Shimono, A. 
101-Dec-2008Wnt signaling is required for organization of the lens fiber cell cytoskeleton and development of lens three-dimensional architectureChen, Y.; Stump, R.J.W.; Lovicu, F.J.; Shimono, A. ; McAvoy, J.W.