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Ashok, Jangam


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12020A comprehensive review of anti-coking, anti-poisoning and anti-sintering catalysts for biomass tar reforming reactionGao, X.; Wang, Z.; Ashok, J. ; Kawi, S. 
220-Aug-2021Anti-coking and anti-sintering ni/al2o3 catalysts in the dry reforming of methane: Recent progress and prospectsGao, Xingyuan; Ge, Zhiyong; Zhu, Guofeng; Wang, Ziyi; Ashok, Jangam ; Kawi, Sibudjing 
32015Bi-functional hydrotalcite-derived NiO-CaO-Al2O3 catalysts for steam reforming of biomass and/or tar model compound at low steam-to-carbon conditionsAshok, Jangam ; Kathiraser, Yasotha ; Ang, Mingli; Kawi, Sibudjing 
42019H2S and NOx tolerance capability of CeO2 doped La1−xCexCo0.5Ti0.5O3−δ perovskites for steam reforming of biomass tar model reactionAshok, J. ; Das, S.; Dewangan, N.; Kawi, S. 
59-Nov-2021Oxygen-deficient wo3/tio2/cc nanorod arrays for visible-light photocatalytic degradation of methylene blueJiang, Liaochuan; Gao, Xingyuan; Chen, Shaoling; Ashok, Jangam ; Kawi, Sibudjing 
61-Apr-2021Recent developments in dielectric barrier discharge plasma-assisted catalytic dry reforming of methane over Ni-based catalystsGao, Xingyuan; Lin, Ziting; Li, Tingting; Huang, Liuting; Zhang, Jinmiao; Askari, Saeed; Dewangan, Nikita; Jangam, Ashok ; Kawi, Sibudjing 
72015Steam reforming of biomass tar model compound at relatively low steam-to-carbon condition over CaO-doped nickel-iron alloy supported over iron-alumina catalystsAshok, Jangam ; Kawi, Sibudjing