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118-Apr-2014A benzothiazole-cyclopentadithiophene bridged D-A-π-A sensitizer with enhanced light absorption for high efficiency dye-sensitized solar cellsWang, X.; Yang, J.; Yu, H.; Li, F.; Fan, L.; Sun, W.; Liu, Y.; Koh, Z.Y. ; Pan, J.; Yim, W.-L.; Yan, L.; Wang, Q. 
226-Apr-2011Carrier generation and collection in CdS/CdSe-sensitized SnO2 Solar cells exhibiting unprecedented photocurrent densitiesHossain, M.A.; Jennings, J.R. ; Koh, Z.Y. ; Wang, Q. 
328-Aug-2012CdSe-sensitized mesoscopic TiO 2 solar cells exhibiting >5% efficiency: Redundancy of CdS buffer layerHossain, M.A.; Jennings, J.R. ; Shen, C. ; Pan, J.H.; Koh, Z.Y. ; Mathews, N.; Wang, Q. 
428-Feb-2014Cuprous sulfide counter electrodes prepared by ion exchange for high-efficiency quantum dot-sensitized solar cellsShen, C. ; Sun, L.; Koh, Z.Y. ; Wang, Q. 
5Aug-2012Enhancement in SERS intensity with hierarchical nanostructures by bimetallic deposition approachFu, C.Y.; Kho, K.W.; Dinish, U.S.; Koh, Z.Y. ; Malini, O. 
68-Jan-2014Large-scale synthesis of urchin-like mesoporous TiO2 hollow spheres by targeted etching and their photoelectrochemical propertiesPan, J.H.; Wang, X.Z.; Huang, Q.; Shen, C. ; Koh, Z.Y. ; Wang, Q. ; Engel, A.; Bahnemann, D.W.
76-Sep-2013PbS quantum dots embedded in a ZnS dielectric matrix for bulk heterojunction solar cell applicationsSun, L.; Koh, Z.Y. ; Wang, Q. 
828-May-2012PbS/CdS-sensitized mesoscopic SnO 2 solar cells for enhanced infrared light harnessingHossain, M.A.; Koh, Z.Y. ; Wang, Q. 
910-Jul-2013Scalable synthesis of urchin- and flowerlike hierarchical NiO microspheres and their electrochemical property for lithium storagePan, J.H.; Huang, Q.; Koh, Z.Y. ; Neo, D.; Wang, X.Z.; Wang, Q. 
102009The effect of design parameters of metallic substrate on the reproducibility of SERS measurement for biosensingFu, C.Y.; Koh, Z.Y. ; Kho, K.W.; Dinish, U.S.; Praveen, T.; Olivo, M.