Full Name
Shih-Hsien Yu
(not current staff)
Yu Shih Hsien
Yu, S.-H.
Main Affiliation


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12014Algebraic-Complex Scheme for Dirichlet-Neumann Data for Parabolic SystemWang, H.; Yu, S.-H. 
22015Bifurcation on boundary data for linear broadwell model with conservative boundary conditionDeng Shijin; Wang Weike; Yu Shih Hsien 
3May-2009Boltzmann equation, boundary effectsLiu, T.-P.; Yu, S.-H. 
4Apr-2011Broadwell Model and Conservative Supersonic BoundaryDeng, S.; Wang, W.; Yu, S.-H. 
5Jan-2014Initial and Shock Layers for Boltzmann EquationYu, S.-H. 
6Sep-2013Invariant Manifolds for Steady Boltzmann Flows and ApplicationsLiu, T.-P.; Yu, S.-H. 
72018Letter to the editors in chiefLiu, T.-P.; Yu, S.-H. 
8Dec-2013Nonlinear stability of broadwell model with maxwell diffuse boundary conditionDeng, S.; Du, L.; Yu, S.-H. 
9Oct-2010Nonlinear wave propagations over a Boltzmann shock profileYu, S.-H. 
10Dec-2009On the solution of a Boltzmann system for gas mixturesSotirov, A.; Yu, S.-H. 
11Jul-2008Pointwise convergence to Knudsen layers of the Boltzmann equationDeng, S.; Wang, W.; Yu, S.-H. 
12May-2009Stochastic formulation for the initial-boundary value problems of the Boltzmann equationYu, S.-H. 
13Jun-2008The Green's function for the Broadwell model with a transonic boundaryLan, C.-Y.; Lin, H.-E.; Yu, S.-H. 
142008Time-asymptotic interactions of Boltzmann shock layers in the presence of boundaryLien, W.-C.; Yu, S.-H. 
152012Viscous conservation laws with boundaryDeng, S. ; Wang, W.; Yu, S.-H.