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Kwan Ok Lee
Lee, K.O.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
121-Nov-2019Conspicuous consumption and household indebtednessLee, Kwan Ok ; Mori, Masaki 
26-Aug-2020COVID-19 Impact on City and Region: What?s Next after Lockdown?Myounggu Kang; Yeol Choi; Jeongseob Kim; Kwan Ok Lee ; Sugie Lee; In Kwon Park; JiYoung Park; Ilwon Seo
315-Jun-2019Design Externalities in the Residential ContextLee, Kwan Ok 
41-Sep-2016Do Conspicuous Consumers Pay Higher Housing Premiums? Spatial and Temporal Variation in the United StatesLee, Kwan Ok ; Mori, Masaki 
521-Jan-2020Housing Affordability: A Framing, Synthesis of Research and Policy, and Future DirectionsGeorge C. Galster; Lee K.O. 
615-Jun-2020Housing Inequality in Developing Asia and the United States: Will Common Problems Mean Common Solutions?Lee Kwan Ok ; Helble, Matthias; Aizawa, Toshiaki
71-Mar-2014Housing Tenure Transitions of Older Households: What is the Role of Child Proximity?Lee, Kwan Ok ; Painter, Gary
82-Sep-2020How (Un) affordable is housing in developing Asia?Kwan Ok Lee ; Matthias Helble; Ma. Adelle Gia Arbo
91-Mar-2018An International Perspective: Reflection on the SymposiumLee Kwan Ok 
101-Jan-2021Introduction to the special issue of the Global crisis in housing affordabilityGalster, G; Ok Lee, K 
1130-Jul-2023“Mini” Singapore in Vietnam?: Outcomes of Regionalization and Circulation of Urban ExpertiseLee, Kwan Ok 
122014Neighborhood Racial Transitions, Household Residential Mobility, and Segregation Trends in the U.S.Lee, Kwan Ok 
13Jan-2023Neighborhood retail amenities and taxi trip behavior: A natural experiment in SingaporeLee, Kwan Ok ; Cheng, Shih-Fen
141-Sep-2015Pre- and post-delinquency behavior: cross-neighborhood variation in New York CityLee, Kwan Ok 
156-Jan-2018Property Rights Restrictions and House PricesLee, Kwan Ok ; OOI THIAN LEONG,JOSEPH 
161-May-2018Property Rights Restrictions and Housing PricesLee, Kwan Ok ; Ooi, Joseph TL 
1715-Nov-2021Public responses to COVID-19 case disclosure and their spatial implicationsLee, Kwan Ok ; Lee, Hyojung
181-Sep-2022Railway sound barriers and housing pricesLee, KO ; Pang, AHK
1913-Jun-2016Subsidized Housing and Residential Trajectories: An Application of Matched Sequence AnalysisLee, KO ; Galster, G; Smith, R.
206-Jun-2017Subsidized Housing and Residential Trajectories: An Application of Matched Sequence AnalysisKwan Ok Lee ; Richard Smith; George Galster