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Tan Joo Yian,Margaret
Tan, Margaret
Tan, M.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12004Adopters and non-adopters of internet stock trading in SingaporeTeo, T.S.H. ; Tan, M. ; Peck, S.N.
21998An empirical study of adopters and non-adopters of the Internet in SingaporeTeo, T.S.H. ; Tan, M. 
3Oct-1998Creating the digital economy : strategies and perspectives from SingaporeTan, Margaret 
4Nov-1997Critical success factors of EDI : perspectives from tradenetTan, Margaret 
51992Eliciting quality information for software development: an empirical study of the processTan, Margaret 
61993Establishing mutual understanding in systems design: An empirical studyTan, M. 
71993Exploring the status turnover and salary of information technology professionalTan, Margaret ; Igbaria, Magid
8Nov-1997Factors influencing the adoption of the internetTan, Margaret ; Thompson S H Teo 
91995Knowledge acquisition from multiple experts: Problems and issuesMedsker, L.; Tan, M. ; Turban, E.
101997National information infrastructure in Pacific AsiaBlanning, R.W.; Bui, T.X.; Tan, M. 
11Feb-1997National information infrastructure in Pacific AsiaTan, Margaret ; Bui, Tung X.; Blanning, Robert W.
121997Quantitative and qualitative errors in spreadsheet developmentTeo, Thompson S.H. ; Tan, Margaret 
13Feb-1997Software quality practice in Singapore : is it adequate for today's global information systems?Tan, Margaret 
141994Study of TQM practice on software development in SingaporeTan, Margaret ; Yap, Chee Yuen
151997The consequences of information technology acceptance on subsequent individual performanceIgbaria, M.; Tan, M. 
16Jan-1999The emerging digital economy : investment opportunities in electronic commerce and cyber tradeTan, Margaret 
171994Turnover and remuneration of information technology professionals in SingaporeTan, M. ; Igbaria, M.
181993Using communication theory for systems design: A model for eliciting information requirementsTan, Margaret