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Christopher Michael McMorran
McMorran C.
McMorran, C.
Mcmorran, C.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12014A landscape of "undesigned design" in rural JapanMcMorran C. 
220-Nov-2015Assessment and Learning without Grades? Motivations and Concerns with Implementing Gradeless Learning in Higher EducationChris McMorran ; Kiruthika Ragupathi ; Simei Luo
32016Author meets critics: learning through scholarly conversationChris McMorran 
42015Between fan pilgrimage and dark tourism: competing agendas in overseas field learningMcMorran C. 
52005Constructing idealized communities in Japan's countryside: Tourist place-making in Kurokawa onsenMcMorran C. 
624-Jul-2019Crossing the Finish Line: Writing and Putting it all TogetherChristopher Michael McMorran 
71-Jan-2011Cultural commodities in Japanese rural revitalization: Tsugaru Nuri Lacquerware and Tsugaru ShamisenMcMorran, Chris 
8Dec-2016From Volunteers to Voluntours: shifting priorities in post-disaster JapanMcMorran, CM 
927-Apr-2017From volunteers to voluntours: shifting priorities in post-disaster JapanChris Mcmorran 
102014How 'Green' is Japan? Studying Environmental Issues in the FieldChris McMorran 
111-Dec-2020How to Finish: Writing in a Stressful WorldChristopher Michael McMorran 
12Apr-2016IntroductionShamoon, D ; McMorran, CM 
131-Jan-2022Learning on Pause? The Ambivalent and Conflicting Velocities of International Student Mobilities in Pandemic TimesMcMorran, C 
142018Liberating Work in the Tourist IndustryMCMORRAN, CM 
152015Miniaturized rat-race coupler with harmonic suppressionMcMorran C. 
162015Mobilities Amid the Production of Fixities: Labor in a Japanese InnMcMorran C. 
1726-Sep-2020Online teaching doesn’t have to suck for students or educatorsChristopher Michael McMorran 
18Apr-2023Participant ObservationMcMorran, Christopher Michael ; Green, W Nathan 
194-Mar-2018Post-disaster Volunteer Tourism: commodified care and the threat to civil society in AsiaChristopher Michael McMorran 
201-Dec-2012Practising workplace geographies: embodied labour as method in human geographyMcMorran, Chris