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Zhang Weiyu
Zhang, W.
Zhang, Weiyu


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Sep-2012Explicating multitasking with computers: Gratifications and situationsZhang, W. ; Zhang, L. 
2Mar-2013Fan activism sustained and challenged: participatory culture in Chinese online translation communitiesZhang, W. ; Mao, C.
3Aug-2010Interest-oriented versus relationship-oriented social network sites in ChinaZhang, W. ; Wang, R.
42015Learning variables, in-class laptop multitasking and academic performance: A path analysisZhang, Weiyu 
52014Perceived Speech Conditions and Disagreement of Everyday Talk: A Proceduralist Perspective of Citizen DeliberationZhang, W. ; Chang, L. 
62013Real-time Internet news browsing: Information vs. experience-related gratifications and behaviorsZhang, L. ; Zhang, W. 
72013Redefining youth activism through digital technology in SingaporeZhang, W. 
82010Situational Factors Competing for Attention: The Interaction Effect of Multitasking and Sexually Explicit Content on TV RecognitionZhang, W. ; Jeong, S.-H.; Fishbein, M.
920-Sep-2016Social media and elections in Singapore: comparing 2011 and 2015Weiyu Zhang 
10May-2011Survey on Political Traits and Media UseTan Tarn How ; Chung Siyoung ; Zhang Weiyu 
112010Technical capital and participatory inequality in edeliberation: An actor-network analysisZhang, W. 
12Oct-2012The effects of political news use, political discussion and authoritarian orientation on political participation: Evidences from Singapore and TaiwanZhang, W. 
13May-2013The structural features and the deliberative quality of online discussionsZhang, W. ; Cao, X.; Tran, M.N.
14May-2013The structural features and the deliberative quality of online discussionsZhang, W. ; Cao, X.; Tran, M.N.
152012Virtual communities as subaltern public spheres: A theoretical development and an application to the Chinese internetZhang, W. 
164-Oct-2017Youth cultures in ChinaWeiyu Zhang 
172013Youth, ICTs, and Civic Engagement in AsiaZhang, W. ; Lallana, E.C.