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Coe, N.
Coe, N.M.
Coe, N.
Coe, Neil Martin


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
11998Debunking the myth of localized agglomerations: The development of a regionalized service economy in South-East EnglandCoe, N.M. ; Townsend, A.R.
230-May-2019Dynamic Processes of Territorial Embeddedness in International Online Fashion RetailingSteve Wood; Neil Coe ; Iain Watson; Christoph Teller
31999Emulating the celtic tiger? A comparison of the software industries of Singapore and IrelandCoe, N.M. 
41998Exploring uneven development in producer service sectors: detailed evidence from the computer service industry in BritainCoe, N.M. 
5Aug-2002Global production networks and the analysis of economic developmentHenderson, J.; Dicken, P. ; Hess, M.; Coe, N. ; Wai-Chung Yeung, H. 
6Jan-2013Global production networks, labour and developmentCoe, N.M. ; Hess, M.
72000On location: American capital and the local labour market in the Vancouver film industryCoe, N.M. 
8Nov-2012'State, Science and the Skies: Governmentalities of the British atmosphere', by Mark Whitehead (2009): A critical reviewCoe, N.M. ; Cochrane, A.; Randalls, S.; Thornes, J.; Adey, P.; Whitehead, M.
92000The externalisation of producer services debate: The UK computer services sectorCoe, N.M. 
102000The view from out West: Embeddedness, inter-personal relations and the development of an indigenous film industry in VancouverCoe, N.M. 
112015Toward a Dynamic Theory of Global Production NetworksYeung, Wai Chung Henry ; Coe, Neil Martin 
127-Sep-2018Variegated National Retail Markets: Negotiating Transformation through Regulation in Malaysia and ThailandAlexandra Dales; Neil Coe ; Martin Hess
13Mar-2013'We've learnt how to be local': The deepening territorial embeddedness of Samsung-Tesco in South KoreaCoe, N.M. ; Lee, Y.-S.