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Kushvaha Sunil Singh
(not current staff)
Kushvaha, S.S.


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12009A comparative study of AL, GE and SB self-assembled nanostructures on graphiteWang, X.-S. ; Xiao, W. ; Kushvaha, S.S. ; Yan, Z. ; Xu, M. 
22007Acomparative study of al, Ge and Sb selfassembled nanostructures on graphiteWang, X.-S.; Xiao, W.; Kushvaha, S.S. ; Yan, Z.; Xu, M.
32008Chirality control and switching of vortices formed in hexagonal shaped ferromagnetic elementsLua, S.Y.H.; Kushvaha, S.S. ; Wu, Y.H. ; Teo, K.L. ; Chong, T.C.
4Apr-2006Different growth behavior of Ge, Al and Sb on graphiteXiao, W. ; Yan, Z. ; Kushvaha, S.S. ; Xu, M. ; Wang, X.-S. 
5Aug-2007Different-dimensional structures of antimony formed selectively on graphiteYan, Z. ; Kushvaha, S.S. ; Xiao, W. ; Wang, X.-S. 
6Nov-2008Effect of in situ FIB trimming on the spin configurations of hexagonal-shaped elements characterized by SEMPA imagingLua, S.Y.H.; Kushvaha, S.S. ; Wu, Y.H. ; Teo, K.L. ; Chong, T.C.
730-Sep-2012Growth of self-assembled Mn, Sb and MnSb nanostructures on highly oriented pyrolytic graphiteKushvaha, S.S. ; Zhang, H.L. ; Yan, Z. ; Wee, A.T.S. ; Wang, X.-S. 
84-Jun-2008Growth of zirconium silicide nanostructures on vicinal and flat Si(111)-7 × 7 surfacesLu, B. ; Xiao, W. ; Kushvaha, S.S. ; He, P.; Wang, X.-S. 
9Apr-2006In situ STM investigation of Ge nanostructures with and without Sb on graphiteKushvaha, S.S. ; Yan, Z. ; Xu, M.-J. ; Xiao, W. ; Wang, X.-S. 
104-Jun-2008Nucleation and growth of aluminum on an inert substrate of graphiteXiao, W. ; Kushvaha, S.S. ; Wang, X.-S. 
1130-Jun-2009Scanning tunneling microscopy investigation of growth of self-assembled indium and aluminum nanostructures on inert substratesKushvaha, S.S. ; Xu, H. ; Xiao, W. ; Zhang, H.L. ; Wee, A.T.S. ; Wang, X.-S. 
1211-Apr-2007Self-assembled Ge, Sb and Al nanostructures on graphite: Comparative STM studiesKushvaha, S.S. ; Yan, Z. ; Xiao, W. ; Xu, M.-J. ; Xue, Q.-K.; Wang, X.-S. 
135-Jun-2006Self-assembly of antimony nanowires on graphiteWang, X.-S. ; Kushvaha, S.S. ; Yan, Z. ; Xiao, W. 
14May-2008Shape-controlled growth of indium and aluminum nanostructures on MoS 2(0001)Kushvaha, S.S. ; Xu, H. ; Zhang, H.L. ; Wee, A.T.S. ; Wang, X.-S. 
152009Spin configuration of hexagonal shaped ferromagnetic elements arranged in different structuresLua, S.Y.H.; Kushvaha, S.S. ; Wu, Y.H. ; Teo, K.L. ; Chong, T.C.
165-Apr-2006Surface morphology of crystalline antimony islands on graphite at room temperatureKushvaha, S.S. ; Yan, Z. ; Xiao, W. ; Wang, X.-S. 
172007Synthesis and magnetic properties of MnSb nanoparticles on Si-based substratesZhang, H. ; Kushvaha, S.S. ; Chen, S. ; Gao, X. ; Qi, D. ; Wee, A.T.S. ; Wang, X.-S.