Full Name
Lua Kim Teng
(not current staff)
Lua, K.T.
Teng Lua, Kim
Lua, K.-T.
KimTeng, L.
Main Affiliation


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Jun-1991A new approach to stroke and feature point extraction in Chinese character recognitionGan, K.W. ; Lua, K.T. 
2Jul-1990A preliminary evaluation of a massively parallel processor: GAPPWong, W.F. ; Lua, K.T. 
31990A proposal for multilingual computing code standardizationLua, K.T. 
4Dec-1996A Statistically Emergent Approach for Language Processing: Application to Modeling Context Effects in Ambiguous Chinese Word Boundary PerceptionGan, K.-W.; Lua, K.-T. ; Palmer, M.
5Aug-1992Chinese character classification using an adaptive resonance networkGan, K.W. ; Lua, K.T. 
61989Computerized facsimile systemsLua, K.T. 
7Sep-1990Failure of instruction prefetching of 8088/286/ 386 microprocessors in XT/AT systemsLua, K.T. 
81999Interpolation of n-gram and mutual-information based trigger pair language models for Mandarin speech recognitionGuoDong, Z. ; KimTeng, L. 
91992Linearization of zipfian distribution for chinese charactersTeng Lua, Kim 
101990Recognizing chinese characters through interactive activation and competitionLua, K.T. ; Gan, K.W. 
11Oct-1991Representing word context effect in Chinese character perception - an application of information theoryGan, K.W. ; Lua, K.T. 
121998Splitting-Merging Model of Chinese Word Tokenization and SegmentationYao, Y. ; Lua, K.T. 
132003Thin client front-end processor for distributed speech recognitionChow, K.F.; Liew, S.C.; Lua, K.T. 
14Jul-1989Using PC system timer to time software executionLua, K.T.