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Xiaodi Su
Su, X.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12020A centrifugation-assisted visual detection of SNP in circulating tumor DNA using gold nanoparticles coupled with isothermal amplificationWang, Y.; Kong, S.L.; Su, X.D. 
22016A plasmonic multi-logic gate platform based on sequence-specific binding of estrogen receptors and gold nanorodsPallares, R.M; Bosman, M ; Thanh, N.T.K; Su, X 
33-Feb-2009Context-dependent adsorption behavior of cyclic and linear peptides on metal oxide surfacesChen, H.; Su, X. ; Neoh, K.G. ; Choe, W.-S. 
431-Jan-2012Device and method of detecting mutations and polymorphisms in DNASU, XIAODI ; ROBELEK, RUDOLF ; KNOLL, WOLFGANG ; O'SHEA, SEAN
518-Dec-2015DNA-Directed Assembly of Nanogold Dimers: A Unique Dynamic Light Scattering Sensing Probe for Transcription Factor DetectionSeow, Nianjia ; Tan, Yen Nee ; Yung, Lin-Yue Lanry ; Su, Xiaodi 
62015Fine-tuning of gold nanorod dimensions and plasmonic properties using the Hofmeister effectsPallares, R.M; Su, X ; Lim, S.H; Thanh, N.T.K
78-Apr-2021Lithographic Processes for the Scalable Fabrication of Micro- And Nanostructures for Biochips and BiosensorsFruncillo, Silvia; Su, Xiaodi ; Liu, Hong; Wong, Lu Shin
82000Piezoelectric quartz crystal based screening test for porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus infection in pigsSu, X. ; Li, S.F.Y. ; Liu, W.; Kwang, J.
92020Sensors, Biosensors, and Analytical Technologies for Aquaculture Water QualitySu, X. ; Sutarlie, L.; Loh, X.J.