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Muhammad Nawaz
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
115-Aug-2017Are Alternative Energy Sources a Viable Option for Singapore?Muhammad Nawaz 
224-Jun-2019Augmented and Extended Reality Tools for Geospatial Science EducationMuhammad Nawaz ; Sattar, Farha
324-May-2019Contemporary Geoscience Education and Cutting-Edge Augmented Reality ToolsMuhammad Nawaz 
41-Jan-2019Creating sustainable future landscapes: A role for landscape ecology in the rangelands of Northern AustraliaPearson, D; Nawaz, M ; Wasson, R
524-Jun-2019Drones and STEM Education for the 21st CenturyMUHAMMAD NAWAZ ; Sattar, Farha
69-Sep-2018Future Energy Integration: Viability and Potential of Renewable Energy ResourcesMuhammad Nawaz 
715-Jul-2019Gully Mapping and Erosion Volume Calculation: A 3D approach using Cartosat-1 Stereo ImagesSattar, Farha; Wasson, Robert James ; Nawaz, Muhammad 
818-Jul-2019Sediment transfer in an extremely low gradient, low relief, and highly buffered system: Darwin Harbour Catchment, Northern AustraliaMuhammad Nawaz ; Robert Wasson 
920-Sep-2019Sustainable Energy and Environment An Earth System ApproachKundu, Sandeep Narayan; Nawaz, Muhammad 
1024-May-2019Three-Dimensional Identification and Mapping of Gullies Using Cartosat-1 imagery, International Forum on Geoscience and OceanographyMuhammad Nawaz ; Sattar, Farha; Wasson, Robert James 
1129-Nov-2016Topsoil delivery to Himalayan rivers: the importance of sampling timeNawaz, M ; Wasson, RJ ; Bhushan, R; Juyal, N; Sattar, F