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Cheng Yi'En
Cheng, Yi'En

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
126-Jan-2018Educated non-elites? pathways to cosmopolitanism: the case of private degree students in SingaporeYi'En Cheng 
212-Nov-2018Educational Friction: Striated Routes, Transitions Velocity, and Value Recuperation among Singaporean Private Degree StudentsYi' En Cheng 
32013Family migrationYeoh, Saw Ai Brenda ; Cheng, Yi'En 
430-Aug-2022Geographies of education: data, scale/mobilities, and pedagogyCheng, Yi'En ; De Silva, Menusha 
519-Aug-2022Infrastructuring student mobilities in AsiaCheng, Yi'En 
620-Apr-2021International student mobilities in a contagion: (Im)mobilising higher education?Sidhu, Ravinder ; Cheng, Yi' En ; Collins, Francis ; Ho, Kong Chong ; Yeoh, Brenda 
712-Nov-2018Introduction: Mobile Aspirations? Youth Im/mobilities in the Asia-PacificShanthi Roberston; Brenda Yeoh ; Yi' En Cheng 
817-Sep-2017Is private higher education in Singapore a ‘second chance’ option?CHENG YI'EN 
912-May-2020One Road, Many Dreams: China’s Bold Plan to Remake Global Economy, written by Daniel Drache, A.T. Kingsmith and Duan QiCheng, Yi’En 
107-Feb-2018Passing through Shanghai: Ethnographic Insights into the Mobile Lives of Expatriate YouthsYi'En Cheng 
1120-Apr-2022Political citizenship experiments: young people’s quotidian politics and (a)political subjectivities in East Asian liberal arts universitiesCheng, Yi'En 
1216-Sep-2019Urban custodians and hospitable citizens: citizenship and social actions at two liberal arts universities in Hong Kong and ShanghaiCHENG YI'EN ; JANE MARGARET JACOBS 
1324-Mar-2020Youth Politics in Urban Asia: An IntroductionSonia Lam-Knott ; Yi'En Cheng