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Arokiaswami Alphones
Alphones, A.
Alphones, Arokiaswami


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
120-May-1999Analysis of periodically corrugated gyrotropic waveguideAlphones, A. 
220-Oct-1999Bragg reflection filter by periodic photoexcitation of a semiconductor waveguideAlphones, A. 
35-Jan-2000Corrugated YIG slab with arbitrary orientation of magnetizationShanthi, S.; Alphones, A. ; Lye, K.M. 
41999Edge coupled microstrip resonators with periodical slot loadingAlphones, Arokiaswami ; Goswami, Nandini
520-Jul-2001Frequency-dependent behavior of optically illuminated HEMTYajian, H.; Alphones, A. 
62000Leaky wave radiation in a corrugated ferrite slab under arbitrary orientation of magnetizationShanthi, S.; Alphones, A. 
71999Leaky wave radiation of millimetre waves by photoinduced plasma grating in a semiconductor slabAlphones, A. ; Tsutsumi, M.
8Dec-2001Microwave envelope solitons in YIG film under oblique magnetisationSubbiah, S.; Alphones, A. 
9Jan-2001Modeling of a twin-rib nonreciprocal phase shifter by the spectral-index methodAlphones, A. 
101998Optical control on GaAs fet bandpass distributed amplifierAlphones, A. 
112001Optical control on HEMT devicesHwee Har Lim; Alphones, A. 
121998Optical control on millimeter wave radiation in a semiconductor backed periodic structureAlphones, Arokiaswami 
131998Optically controlled Bragg reflection characteristic of millimeter waves in a corrugated dielectric waveguideAlphones, A. ; Tsutsumi, M.
141998Optically controlled frequency selective surface with semi-conductor substrateChia, Y.W.M. ; Alphones, A. 
151999Periodic photoexcited coplanar striplineAlphones, Arokiaswami ; Hui, Poh Sok
161999Periodically photoinduced Bragg reflection filterAlphones, A. 
175-Nov-2000Periodically slotted microstrip ring resonatorAlphones, A. ; Yee, W.K.