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Lam Kwok Yan,Karch
Kwok Yan Lam
Lam, K.Y.
Lam, K.-Y.


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Oct-1995A cardinalised binary representation for exponentiationLam, K.-Y. ; Sung, K. ; Hui, L.C.-K. 
22000A fast algorithm for determining the linear complexity of a sequence with period p n over G F (q)Xiao, G.; Wei, S.; Lam, K.Y. ; Imamura, K.
31999A generalization of algebraic-geometry codesXing, C. ; Niederreiter, H.; Lam, K.Y. 
42000Cnstructions of authentication codes from algebraic curves over finite fieldsXing, C. ; Wang, H. ; Lam, K.Y. ; Xing, C.P. 
51999Construction and enumeration of all binary duadic codes of length pmDing, C. ; Lam, K.Y. ; Xing, C. 
61999Constructions of algebraic-geometry codesXing, C. ; Niederreiter, H. ; Lam, K.Y. 
71999Constructions of sequences with almost perfect linear complexity profile from curves over finite fieldsXing, C. ; Niederreiter, H.; Lam, K.Y. ; Ding, C. 
8Aug-1996Designing a system infrastructure for distributed programsLam, K.-Y. ; Hui, L.C.-K. 
92000Duadic sequences of prime lengthsDing, C. ; Helleseth, T.; Lam, K.Y. 
108-Dec-1994Efficiency of SS(l) square-and-multiply exponentiation algorithmsLam, K.-Y. ; Hui, L.C.K. 
11Oct-1996Efficient nearer-ancestor algorithm for network routingLam, K.-Y. ; Hui, L.C.K. 
121-Jan-1994Fast square-and-multiply exponentiation for RSAHui, L.C.K. ; Lam, K.-Y. 
136-Nov-1997Hash function based on block cipherYi, X.; Lam, K.Y. 
14Apr-1997Implementing a highly available network directory serviceLam, K.-Y. ; Salkield, T.
151999Mobile IP registration protocol: a security attack and new secure minimal public-key based authenticationSufatrio, Kwok Yan Lam 
16Dec-1995Multivariate data analysis software for enhancing system securityLam, K.-Y. ; Hui, L. ; Chung, S.-L. 
171999New construction of algebraic-geometry codesNiederreiter, H.; Xing, C. ; Lam, K.Y. 
182003On identification secret sharing schemesCai, N.; Lam, K.Y. 
19Oct-1998On the Efficient Implementation of Fair Non-repudiationYou, C.-H.; Zhou, J.; Lam, K.-Y. 
20Dec-1995Replay tolerance of authentication protocolsLam, K.-Y.