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Lim, T.-C.
Cheng, L.T.
Lim, T.C.


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1Jul-2006A conceptual review of nanosensorsLim, T.-C. ; Ramakrishna, S. 
215-Dec-2005A functionally flexible interatomic energy function based on classical potentialsLim, T.-C. 
32002A note on mathematical relationships among bond-torsion force fieldsLim, T.-C. 
4Dec-2004A relationship between the 2-body energy of Kaxiras-Pandey and Pearson-Takai-Halicioglu-Tiller Potential FunctionsLim, T.-C. 
5Jun-2003A three-level hierarchical approach in modeling sheet thermoforming of knitted-fabric compositesLim, T.-C. 
62001An integrated mechanics-of-materials model for the elastic stiffness of compositesLim, T.C. 
715-Feb-2002Analytical modelling for sheet thermoforming of knitted fabric reinforced PMCLim, T.C. ; Ramakrishna, S. ; Shang, H.M. 
8Jun-2005Anisotropic and negative thermal expansion behavior in a cellular microstructureLim, T.-C. 
9Jan-2006Application of binomial coefficients in representing central difference solution to a class of PDE arising in chemistryLim, T.-C. 
10Feb-2007Application of Extended-Rydberg parameters for extracting the 2-body portion of Kaxiras-Pandey functionLim, T.-C. 
11Jun-2004Application of Maclaurin series in relating interatomic potential functions: A reviewLim, T.-C. 
122005Approximate relationships between the generalized morse and the extended-rydberg potential energy functionsLim, T.-C. 
13Jul-1999Axisymmetric sheet forming of knitted fabric composite by combined stretch forming and deep drawingLim, T.C. ; Ramakrishna, S. ; Shang, H.M. 
14Jul-2007Combination of pi and golden ratio in Lennard-Jones-Type and Morse-type potential energy functionsLim, T.-C. 
15Jul-2004Connection among classical interatomic potential functionsLim, T.-C. 
1620-Jun-2006Connection between parameters of the Murrell-Sorbie and Fayyazuddin potentialsLim, T.-C. 
17Sep-2004Connection between the 2-body energy of the Kaxiras-Pandey and the Biswas-Hamann potentialsLim, T.-C. 
1815-Dec-2003Constitutive relationship of a material with unconventional Poisson's ratioLim, T.-C. 
19Aug-2005Correlation among parameters of the extended-Rydberg potential energy functionLim, T.-C. 
202000Deep drawing of plain weft-knitted fabric composites Part 2.: Strain field analysisLim, T.C. ; Ramakrishna, S. ; Shang, H.M.