Full Name
Yuen Chung Kwong
(not current staff)
Yuen, C.-K.
Yuen, Chung-Kwong
Yuen, C.K.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Dec-1998Active objects as atomic control structures in BaLinda KYuen, C.K. ; Feng, M.D. 
21999Balinda C++: run-time support for concurrent object-oriented languageWang, H.C.; Yuen, C.K. ; Feng, M.D. 
31990BaLinda Lisp: A parallel list-processing languageYuen, C.K. ; Wong, W.F. 
4Dec-1996Balinda Lisp: Design and implementationFeng, M.D. ; Wong, W.F. ; Yuen, C.K. 
5Mar-1996BaLinda suite of languages and implementationsYuen, C.K. ; Feng, M.D. ; Yee, J.J. 
61989BIDDLE: A BIdirectional Data Driven Lisp EngineWong, W.F. ; Yuen, C.K. 
727-Oct-2014Binary division and square-rooting using gray codeYuen, C.K. 
81993Communication patterns of parallel objectsYaoqingh, Gao; Yuen, C.K. ; Dingxing, Wang; Weimin, Zheng; Meiming, Shen
91998Detection of races and control-flow nondeterminismFeng, M. ; Yuen, C.K. 
101994Dynamic load balancing on a distributed systemFeng, M.D. ; Yuen, C.K. 
112009Exploiting an abstract-machine-based framework in the design of a Java ILP processorWang, H.C.; Yuen, C.K. 
122006Exploiting dataflow to extract Java instruction level parallelism on a tag-based multi-issue semi in-order (TMSI) processorWang, H.-C.; Yuen, C.-K. 
13Aug-1995Parallel lisp compilation for distributed systemsFeng, M.-D. ; Yuen, C.-K. 
141999Parallel Lisp with speculation and subtuplespace on distributed systemsFeng, M.D. ; Yuen, C.K. 
15May-1997Parallel programming - A critiqueYuen, C.K. 
162003SilkRoad II: Mixed paradigm cluster computing with RC_dag consistencyPeng, L.; Wong, W.-F. ; Yuen, C.-K. 
172001Strong and weak memory consistenciesYuen, C.-K. 
182001Strong and weak memory consistenciesYuen, C.-K. 
192003The performance model of SilkRoad - A multithreaded DSM system for clustersPeng, L.; Wong, W.-F. ; Yuen, C.-K. 
201999tmPVM - task migratable PVMTan, C.P.; Wong, W.F. ; Yuen, C.K.