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Ran Lishan
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Ran, Lishan
Ran L.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12015Chemical denudation in the Yellow River and its geomorphological implicationsRan, Lishan ; LU XI XI ; Sun, Huiguo; Han Jingtai; Yu, Ruihong.
22015Climatic and anthropogenic impacts on runoff changes in the Songhua river basin over the last 56years (1955-2010), Northeastern ChinaWang, Suiji; Wang, Yanjun; Ran, Lishan ; Su, Teng
32015CO2 outgassing from the Yellow River network and its implications for riverine carbon cycleRan L. ; Lu X.X. ; Yang H.; Li L.; Yu R.; Sun H.; Han J.
42012Delineation of China's reservoirs and lakes using remote sensing techniquesLu X. ; Yang X. ; Ran L. 
52016Dynamic biogeochemical controls on river pCO2 and recent changes under aggravating river impoundment: An example of the subtropical Yangtze RiverLiu S.; Lu X.X. ; Xia X.; Zhang S.; Ran L. ; Yang X. ; Liu T.
62012Estimating sediment trapping efficiency from Landsat images: A case study of the Yellow River basinRan L. ; Lu X. 
72015Long-term spatial and temporal variation of CO2 partial pressure in the Yellow River, ChinaRan, Lishan ; Lu, Xi Xi ; Richey, Jeffrey E.; Sun, Huiguo; Han, Jingtai; Yu, Ruihong; Liao, S.; Yi, Q.
82018Riverine carbon export in the arid to semiarid Wuding River catchment on the Chinese Loess PlateauRan L. ; Tian M.; Fang N.; Wang S.; Lu X. ; Yang X. ; Cho F.
92014Sediment load and carbon burial in the Yellow River during the HoloceneLu X. ; Ran L. 
1010-Jun-2023Streamflow and sediment load changes from China's large rivers: Quantitative contributions of climate and human activity factorsYin, S; Gao, G; Huang, A ; Li, D ; Ran, L ; Nawaz, M ; Xu, YJ; Fu, B
112016Sustaining China's large rivers: River development policy, impacts, institutional issues and strategies for future improvementYang X. ; Lu X. ; Ran L.